Biker down

Hey Guys

I was on a jack the ripper tour lastnight by spitalfields Market when a motorcyclist came out on the opposite car park. I didn’t see him crash but saw him leaving the car park, sounded as though he gave it a good bit of throttle and then let off the throttle only for a couple of seconds as the bike then sounded like it got fully pinned, the engine even made a back fire noise as was reving that much… Then there was a bang and all went silent.

I ran down the road thinking he might have hit a car but from what I could see it looks asthough he’s gone straight into a building at the end of the road. I’m thinking he might have got the front up on first pulling away and lost control from there on. The police soon moved me away, just seeing if anyone on here my know of him and if he’s alright. This happened around 8:30 last night.