Biker down!

Not a pleasant to hear the impact then see a body flying through the air out of the corner of my eye.

Kennington Park Road about 7.40 this morning. It was the classic accident. BMW tourer up the inside of stationary traffic, BMW Z3 pulls through a gap to turn right, bike hits front wing of car.

Rider was concious and talking, police and ambulance were on scene within 5-10 mins.

Police weren’t interested in me as I didn’t see the whole thing. There were plenty of other witnesses.

Hope the rider’s not too badly injured.

Bad news indeed hope he is ok

As you say - a classic inner-city accident. Hope the riders ok.

hope the rider is okay…sounds like it was his own fault though i hate seeing people filtering on the inside! Saw a Ducati ST3 get rear ended at a zebra crossing in fulham yesterday. Told the guy i’d be his witness his exhaust was at a 90 degree angle to the road:w00t:

A learning experience for the biker in question, as he progresses up the very steep motorcycling learning curve. I would guess his bike was brand new and he was wearing new gear.

Hope he’s ok and has now learnt to be wary of things like this when filtering, especially on the nearside, at a junction, and when a car-sized gap opens up in the line of cars ahead. If he did go flying through the air he must have been doing a fair speed.

i had a small off ten min after him but it werent my fault. I think this guy was going to fast and not reading the road and anticipating the hazard ahead!