Biker down.

Fell over in Mrs Jetstreams kitchen while trying to wax my gusset with Briwax. The instructions suggest applying with fine steel wool, is this wise?

i often fall over as i regularley put my shoes on the wrong feet for abit of a challange…;).

best thing you can do after such an off is to get up easy,contemplate the fall…and learn from it…its a long way down at times,and by god lynal rash is nothing to be shund at…but keep it upright my freind…

as for ur last dilema…hmmmm…for gussits ide be drawn more towards a dremal and a tin of lighter fluid;)…works everytime at room tempreture:).

hope this helps and gws mate…carfull out there guys…i do worry about you all…


Have you two been drinking the liquid polish again?!? :w00t:

Thanks for your sympathy and kind thought Smiled. The offending floor was covered in quarry tiles and denied responsibility and there were no independent witnesses. I broke my camera in the fall so no photographic evidence. Looks like my word against the ceramic`s, could end up 50/50? Only suffered a minor “ruise”

ahhh…as usally the case with certain ceramic tiles…:angry:…should of seen that comming really…im my experience, a loss of goods (camrea)claim is in no way unrealistic,but only if you were to have swayed into pantry teritory…thats a whole new ball game fella and i can only wish you absolute luck in your persuit.:wink:

i remember i had an incident a while ago when a chutney jar failed to heed a giveway sign allowing itself to plough into my chest cavity,i was ok if not shaken,but my counseller said i may incur flashbacks as to the ‘‘what if effects’’ that it didnt touch base to my cranial area and damage my frontal lobes…all seems abit yesterday now…but it keeps me on my toes to be vigalant in the future…

happy hunting with your claim mate…and chin up;).


ive just read this back to myself…wtf was i on:w00t:???