Biker down :(

A very good friend of mine, and an LB member - MonsterDaz had a bad accident yesterday. He was airlifted to whitechapel by the Brilliant LAA team with a broken shoulder, broken pelvis, dislocated knee, 2 broken ribs, punctured lung, fractured spine plus other bits.

He is ok and able to speak but we dont know when he’ll be up and walking again.

PLEASE be carefull out their friends, we don’t know whats around the corner

oh !!! so sorry to hear i hope he gets better soon and is being looked after well.

Real sorry to hear it Ben. I hope he heals quickly! The LAA do a fantastic service. We should be doing all we can to support them.

DAM! Hope all is well with him!! Bit of attension from the Nurses will help!

Strewth, doesn’t sound good, hope he’s back up soon but could take a while to mend those bones.

Ouch !!

Hope he recovers soon … do you know how it happened ?

quadruple ouch, me thinks…yes hope he mends fast, lots of bones but they will heal about the same time, its just getting moving again will be the bummer…not the best thing to happen but we all know the risks…sure everyone on here wishes him well…

yes in a morbid sort of a way it would be good to find out what happened, also what gear he was wearing, did it help, did it not etc etc…

so sorry to hear this ben, hope he makes a speedy recovery

anything you need twinkle toes just pm me

sorry to hear about it…its better if we get all the facts so we can try to avoid same mistakes.

He was riding on chevrons when he skidded on some gravel and slid into an oncoming car. The bike ended up under the front wheels of the car and he ended up around 70ft away.

He was wearing jeans, a hein gericke textile jacket which was shred to pieces altho his hein gericke boots and gloves stood up really well. The bike is a real mess. He will be really pleased to hear of everyones messages of support!

Sounds a nasty ordeal. Hope he recovers quickly

Give him our best wishes, and hopes he better very soon.

please pass on my best wishes. those are some nasty injuries, am just glad that it wasn’t even worse news that you were posting up…

Oh sh*t mate that`s bad news, hope your mate has an easy and quick recovery with those serious injuries.


Wow, thats too bad. Give him our best!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sounds like a nasty incident, hope he gets well soon as.

It’s never nice to hear news like this.

Speedy recovery fella.

Why do people ride over chevrons? Not only are they slippery but you are almost guaranteed to pick up a puncture

agree, the problem is becuase few people ride on the chevrons they pick up all the crap and it stays there until some unsuspecting motorist runs over them…they are very very dangerous.

I picked up some diesel once in my car, by crossing onto them, it wrote off my car…it was only 2 years old with less then 20k miles…