Biker down

Just happened this evening, riding along reasonably happily despite the rain, came to some speed bumps and went to go round to avoid the paint on the bump itself. Moved over to the left to go between the bump and the curb, and along comes a car with it’s headlights on full beam, in town, needless to say i couldn’t see where i was going and hit the curb.:crying: Result: one grazed elbow, busted fairing, decent amount of oil on the road, and one end can hanging off. Sadly despite being followed by some very kind and helpful rozzers, didn’t get any details on the car:(. Needless to say the repairs are gonna have to come out of my pocket as i’m only on third party fire and theft.

Could really have done without this, as now have a sore elbow arm and ankle, but luckily nothing worse than a slight graze on the elbow. Could have been alot worse as there was a decent amount of oncoming traffic, and i slid into the middle of the road.

Sorry to hear this mate - total bummer and no mistake. Sorry the bike is broken but glad you are not! Something that most of us have (unfortunately) experienced or will experience at some point.

It’s worth checking out breakers for parts to keep repair costs down.

My commisserations.

sorry to hear this, at least you are ok, bikes can be fixed

Sorry to hear it mate, at least you’re still in one piece.

Sorry to hear…at least you did not break any body parts! Hope repairs don’t cost too much.

Bad luck fellah – in my experience there’s a lot of motorists that don’t dip for bikes and it can be instant blindness.

I hope the bike is back up and repaired quickly (and cheaply)!

Unlucky mate! :crying: at least the bike broke and not you though!