Biker down

Male rider of CBR600RR in Borough High St today, floored it from a set of lights, and a pedestrian pushing a cycle stepped out into his path from stationary traffic in the opposite lane, the biker appeared to be paying a bit too much attention to the Police van he passed in the opposite direction (biker friendly driver who told me about it) and didn’t see the pedestrian or saw him too late. Pedestrian ok, bike hit the cycle and somehow flipped, rider highsided, slid and hit a car.

Paramedics at scene reckon he had back injuries but thankfully not life threatening.

Whoever you are mate, get well soon.

All too easy… Keep em peeled guys n girls! Hope he’s okay.

close one…wew…thanks trojan…

in short…keep your eye’s on the road at all times!!!


can everyone on LB please wear their back protectors when riding! I feel naked without mine.

Hope he heals ok!

All the best fellow rider!

your right storm maybe i should get one! i was riding through dulwich and the road was clear (or so i thought!) as the bend in the road started to dissapate a guy in a car desided to carry out a three point turn…with my lightning responce i hit the brembos and carried out a we endo! all, maybe i was going a tad over the speed limit…but be honest we have all been there!


Hope he’s ok?

Is the borough high st your beat, trojan? I work gt guilford st, just round corner, Mainly cycle to/from work at mo. And no it were’nt me oo stepped out, lol.

Gsxr, I cover all of London … most of the time just south of the River though.

Get well soon pal!

er… It is not fitting into my clothes at moment… er… I guess ‘something in the water’ has swrank them… There’s no space for it there anymore…

Best of luck whoever you are.