Biker Down Wood Lane Dagenham

Just driven past Wood Lane/ Heathway junction and noticed it was still closed by police. Came home to look online what had happened and there has been a fatality, a motorbike and a minibus collided on the Boxall Lane/ Wood Lane junction and the biker has died. RIP.

That was Sean Thake, I’m pretty sure he’s one of the gang of kids on the scooters and quads in the area. Thoughts to his family

Interesting, Mary had mentioned she’d seen a gangs of scooter folk being chased down Wood Lane at speed by cops last week. She’s even nearly taken a pair of them out herself as they forced their way past her car in a chicane (her right of way). 

Either way, it’s crap news for his friends and family.

Yes, I don’t agree with there antics and I would even go as far as saying some of them deserve what’s coming too them, but he had 2 small kids and a family so they don’t deserve to lose their father and the parents a son regardless of the lifestyle he possibly led

Good lifestyle the kids being brought up in

Yes I agree there too, but it’s not their fault their parents are degenerates! They now have to grow up without a father (or until next week when the mum meets someone else and gets pregnant again)

Degenerates sponging off the state paid for with good working people’s taxes
There are homeless people and disabled people who deserve state help yet fail to get it
There are hard working family’s who can’t earn enough money to get by that deserve state help
Some fuktard sponger doesn’t deserve fukall

The Thake’s or Grafton Road really are getting their 15 minutes this week……

Can you please have some respect for my family, I hope something like this never happens to any of use!! How disgusting the way some of you are talking.

Regardless of whether or not the comments are appropriate or sensitive to your situation, no one forces you to read what’s been posted on a public forum. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s pretty simple, really. 

Oh look its the club of heartless people.

Your just all a bunch of pricks, with your fake names, sitting behing a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone’s spitting opinions you know fuck all about. Getting kicks outta peoples heartbreak. Should be ashamed of yourselves really.

Welcome to the internet…

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All u fucking key warriors who only likes to put ya wooden spoons in it, u lot don’t no shit, y don’t the lot of use piss off and leave it out use have no respect for no one!!! heartless cunts!!

National treasure i aint looking for your respect you fool lol. Im here cause people are talking shit about a lad who lost his life. Talking like they knew him, how he was in a gang, when he werent. All i can say is he has a lot of friends who loved a family who loved him and two beautiful kids who loved him. All im saying is where the fuck is your hearts. Clearly no one has 1

Manablade, wise, afra, janey u are all heartless cunts talking about him like u knew him when u obviously didn’t know him he was never in a gang and he never would have been In one either listen if you 4 heartless cunt have got anything to say ring me on 07513576611 this is Chris corcoran by the way I’m waiting for your calls

sean was a good person he would never do anything that affected his family all you lot need to have more respect for a 22 year old man who lost his life

Sorry for your loss, it’s too young to go at 22y/o, no matter how it happened.

I think I can safely say that all of us on this forum have lost a friend or had friends seriously damaged in a road accident on 2 wheels, it’s not nice at all.