biker down - traffic a mess from upper thames street back

range rover appears to have swiped a guy as he’s crossed infron the traffic just back from the lights before the blackfriars tunnel/underpass going westbound. bike in bits in the entrance/access way by the VW garage

lot of police on hand and accident investigators, guess it must have been pretty serious. the highway, lower and upper thames street are pretty much locked

Oh No. what about the rider, is he/she ok?

Hope he/she’s ok!? Saw the traffic build up as soon as I turned onto The Highway. Everyone’s late in this morning.

Take care lbers

there wasn’t an ambulence at the scene so think that they’d been moved a while before i arrived

dodgy junction - its a gap in the dual carriage way bit to allow access, people dont expect cars to cross, and crossing cars aren’t looking for/can’t see bikes if they emerge quickly.

the guy was prob going down the green cycle lane to the left which is normally fine down that bit of road, you just have to be ready to stop at the junction…

Ohh i hate reading things like this, My partner is doing the London Taxi knowledge and spends his entire day, in and around London.

tis funny i get more worried about him on his bloody Pizza bike thing than i do when he is out on his R6 !!!

Hope this rider is ok

Poor rider, I hope they’re OK.

An ambulance was en-route at about 8.45am coz I was at the Aldgate junction stuck behind a lorry!