biker down - that would be me then

Bloody ouch

'bout a 1k worth of damage to the bike - I’m up and walking around which is good news but the bike is being picked up by insurance company this morning at some point. Hire bike on the way.

Sodding idiot just drove into me - I was stationary at lights for about 30 secs - didn’t even see it coming.


bugger, well at least you are ok. no broken bones I hope…

unlucky fella glad your ok

I heard about it from Stace at Borough…didnt wanna add to your misery having to talk to me on the blower.

Im just pleased ya ok.

what you like mate…you even choose “bosses” that smash ya bike over !!!

love and luck to ya geeza.

damb, glad ur okay!! bl**dy peoiple nt looking where they are going,

Seems that you JTR guys have a curse on yo asses!

Cr^p matt, glad you’re ok. Hope all will be ok for russia?

Sorry to hear that Matt, Hope its sorted quick for ya!

i hope you gave him a smack

OH BLIMEY! Cbf`s seemed doomed, especially yours! glad your ok, let me know if ya need anything x

Hope you’re ok.

Possible case of driver shaving/applying make-up/eating their breakfast on the way to work(Delete as appropriate or add your own version).

I saw a close call the other day. Screech - car’s ABS working overtime - cloud of smoke - stopped about a foot behind scooter waiting at the lights, blissfully unware of what was unfolding behind him.

As I said earlier, hope you’re ok, I get pretty wobbly just witnessing a near miss.

Thats Pants

Glad to hear you are OK.

Bikes can be mended

The wrost thing is that you watied 30 seconds at the lights already…I think they need to give priority to bikes at lights on a serious note, glad that you are ok, and walking around. Somthing smiliar happened to me a while back…was at a roundabout, car stationary behind me, then decides to try and roll over me and my pillion…people eh? what can you do with them?

Yeah I’m fine - no broken bones at all - my trousers saved me any road rash and my boots stopped the foot peg jamming into my ankle - Schubeth stopped my head hurting when it hit the floor! Even though the temp was so high I was so happy I’d warn all my kit.

Yeah I’m beginning to feel the JTR threesome is cursed… Patrick with a broken leg, Stace with a broken bike and me with a broken cbf… let’s hope we get rid of all the bad karma now before we go!

Thanks very much to everyone that’s texted or called to offer me help - you guys are amazing brings a tear to my eye!

This is a stunning community of friends and I’m very proud to be a member of it…

On another note thanks very much to the Bath Store lorry driver who pulled up and stopped the traffic driving right past my head when I was on the floor - everyone just kept on coming past - he stopped put his high vis on and stopped the traffic before coming back to me and helping me out.

Oh… and the funniest thing? The guy who hit me is a Health & Safety officer!

ahhh yes - here’s a shot of what a Givi Touring screen looks like when 20 stone of Welshman goes through it :slight_smile:

He must’ve been reading his manual.

“Correct proceedure for applying the brakes in good time at a (OH ****!)”



Glad you are ok Matt - heard yesterday. Now you can get a proper bike eh? LoL

At least your bellypan didnt get damaged

Glad your bones are all still intact

Glad you’re okay Matt! Nice payout heading your way! Speaking to Rider Support?