Biker Down - South Lambeth Road

Incredibly sad, this is one of my brothers very good friends, he is still fighting for his life at the moment - He’s had spinal surgery, heneeds a facial reconstruction, metal plate on his face, he needs new teeth,they’re amputating several fingers, his legs are fine arms are damaged, internalbruising and swelling. He’s got a brain activity monitor attached to check for changes within his brain as he has been in and out of a coma, his breathing is 30% by a machine - previously 100% of his breathing was by machine.

I seriously do not understand what happened, as the road he was coming from has speed bumps, the quickest he could have been travelling would have been 45mph on his 125…He was wearing full leathers and a Shoei helmet, apparently the front of the helmet caved in on impact, the side of the helmet dug into his cheeks.

I am just in shock at the moment. :crying:

Thoughts and prayers to a fellow biker. Hope he makes a speedy recovery

Hope he gets better. :frowning:

Oh my goodness, that is awful news. My sincere best wishes for his recovery.

Very sorry to hear this, I wish him all the best with his recovery.

I was caught up in the resulting road closures but my problems were nothing compared to his :frowning:

Thoughts are with the rider, his family and friends at this difficult time.

Thats terrible news, Like the poster said it is incomprehensible what could have caused the damage at the speed he must have been going. My thoughts are with him & hope he gets better soon. Fabio please keep us updated.

Best of luck for a full recovery:crying:

Sorry to hear this… especially someone so close… thoughts and prayers are will all those affected ! :frowning:

Terrible news- I wish him the best recovery possible.

I’m sorry to hear this. My thoughts and best wishes to the rider and family for a good recovery.

I wish him speedy recovery.

Let’s hope he makes a recovery. Sounds like a very serious situation for the young man. Fingers crossed for him.


Wishing him a speedy recovery. Grace, healing and peace to him and his family.

Wow, that’s shocking to hear. Hope the guy makes it out alright.

Just acts as a stark reminder that the worst accidents can happen when least expected. You don’t necessarily have to be going at 100mph for something like this to happen.

Ride safe and carefully everyone!

Does this happen often? The front of the helmet caved on impact? Sounds terrible, I’m really curious what must’ve happened. Hope he’ll be alright

With the utmost respect and implied sensitivity at this time, I did find myself pondering the same question. Especially bearing in mind the manufacturer, how come the helmet collapsed.

No idea at the moment, crash investigators haven’t given the family their verdict yet, but it seems as if he went in head first into the side pillar.

Wish him a speedy recovery, but one question what make of Shoei is it?
Flip face, ect ect.

Is rather a worry…

Very sorry to hear this - sounds like a really shocking incident, wishing this guy a full and speedy recovery.

I used to live round there - the roads around the underpass can be quite dangerous in rush hour.

I will find out which model - my brother is adamant it was a Shoei even though I had never seen him with a Shoei helmet and on his Facebook page he is wearing a Shark S900 helmet, but the picture is about 4 months old - maybe he bought a Shoei recently? i don’t know but will try to find out.