Biker Down - Road closed A40

i admit i wasnt there but i am talking about the rubbernecking myth in general. the point i`m making is that when you are in a car you do not have the choice to keep going and not look. due to the accordian traffic effect, you have to slow down and then a look is pretty much inevitable. i would love to bomb past and ignore the whole thing but it just doesnt happen. then you get labelled as an idiot who has voluntarily slowed down to have a look. i just dont think thats fair.

No, not everyone slows to look, but the slow traffic is because of some people looking… surely you don’t deny that?

i agree it is possible someone could have slowed down to have a look and caused the tail back, but more likely is the accident itself would have caused traffic to slow down in the opposite direction as debris would fly around and you would just slow down naturally to assess your own danger. by then the traffic jam has started and every driver caught up in it thereafter is labelled a rubbernecker. as previously said i`m not talking specifically about the accident in the OP as i never saw it, but so called rubbernecking in general.

Really? You’ve never been passed an accident hour or more and there’s still people rubber necking, I mean… being held up by someone that slowed an hour ago? Okay. We’ll agree to disagree I think.

Rubbernecking happens even for a broken down vehicle with nothing to look at except a broken down car/bike etc.
It’s just some peoples human curiosity unfortunately.

Is not on that basis all reality shows having such a big audience? It’s just ordinary people enjoyment in life, someones misfortune.


Rubberneckers - get a bloody grip and stop holding all the traffic up you nosy morons :angry: makes my blood boil especially if the accident they are staring at has nothing to do with the traffic flowing in their direction. If it’s not blocking their lane then there is no reason for them to get stuck in traffic, simples. But nooooo, they’re sooo fooking nosy they can’t just carry on driving, they have to wait and see what happens next and count the amount of emergency vehicles and staff attending, they need to count the damaged vehicles, stare at bodies laying on the floor and being put in the ambulance… I only know this because this exact thing happened when my mate crashed right next to me a few years ago and it blocked two out of three lanes on the A406. Immediately the traffic built up in the opposite direction. What is there to look at,eh? How someone got hurt? Does it get them excited? :crazy:

I think we have sll seen gsd accidents, but staring and gawping just csuses delays and the potential for another accident.
It was a bit graphic though

Yes its down to curiosity, human instinct, the “i have been queuing here for ages so I want to know why”. It wont change.

I bit like seeing an accident and wanting to know how bad it is then, depending on your level of outgoing- ness, telling people about it.

anyway, if you were at the A40 at Hammersmith (you werent) hope you didnt get stuck.

Hope the bike rider makes it through ok

Interestingly you can demonstrate why it is not a myth, but fact.
The accordion effect results in a braking point propagating away from the first instance of braking ie in this case away from the initial smash of debris that made the first people slow down. This is before ‘2A wreck is removed’ here:

If what you were saying is true, people would be stuck in traffic further behind the wreck (ref 2D above), but be back up to speed to pass it as if it were not there. Instead, it is usually the case that the wreck marks the point where traffic returns to normal, suggesting that it continues to cause a slowing effect aka ‘rubber necking’.