Biker Down - Road closed A40

Came past about 3pm and the A40 into town was closed just before hammersmith. As i got up the road i saw a Van in the central reservation with the front smashed in and what looked like a head mark on the drivers side window, then to my horror i saw what looked like cut up motorcycle leather in the road about 20 yards behind that, 2 shoes behind those and then about 20 yards behind that a gixxer of some sort on it side with bits all over the place. There was also a BMW 5/7 series parked to the side which had dents all down its side.

It was a bit of a gut wrenching one as it looked like one hell of a mess, i hope everyone got away ok.

Traffic very slow in that area.

Nice post. lets hope any relatives or loved ones have been informed. Incase they read this first.
I thought we had put an end to this sort of post?

I guess there’s a division of opinion, but for me, reading these posts helps to remind me of the ever present danger on the roads. I mean, I were a weekend pilot, and had discovered on that three planes had crashed on landing at Shoreham airport, I’d up my game next time I was heading in that direction and be grateful for the heads up
It should be possible to work out the odds of a friend or relative seeing the post, but I reckon the probability is extremely small?

How would the relatives know by reading that post?

Agreed. I’d already know about it if it was someone close to me, and if it were posted on here, then I’d be pleased that it could serve as a reminder exactly what risks we are taking. It could even encourage some to purchase those boots they’ve been putting off for example

Accident A40 Hammersmith ??? cos that’s wrong, A40 is nowhere near Hammersmith… Bike involved would be sufficient.

Nothing up with this sort of post, lets you know to avoid the area and emphasises the dangers we can face. Judging by the way a lot of folk were charging around on the way home, some folk need a reminder that riding is dangerous.

Rixxy, I take it you meant the turn off for Hammersmith on the A40 anyway…

dear Rixxy,
thanks for the heads up as thats actually on my way back home. thanks to YOU i was ready for some heavy filtering, in the pissing rain. so i got home in reasonable time.

what i really want to know is, whatever happened at 3pm must have been dealt and done by 6pm, so why the fk was that bike still in the middle of the fung road so all the imbecils can stop and take a look and create unnecessary traffic from the other side???

true words from tfl traffic report
‘traffic slow on the A40 due to drivers looking at accident on the other side’

for christ sake!!!

slowing down to have a look?? what ridiculous nonsense. the cars are slowing down because of cars in front of them. you have to slow down or you would smash into a line of cars. then once you are slowly crawling past its almost impossible not to look.

I came past there at 5.30, police were still recording the scene, the traffic was a nitemare but that part of the westway up to gypsy corner always is especially during a friday rush hour… the gixxers back wheel was smashed so it seems the van rear ended him…

Sorry posted this just after i saw it, prob should have left out some detail. Shook me up a bit and i wasn’t thinking, didn’t go out my way to piss anyone off or anything, just a bit of a holy fuk moment.


i dont want to have a debate about this, but it was pretty clear that as soon as we passed that damn spot, there was no traffic at all in front.

so yes, they were slowing down to look at the other side. fact.

I recommend against having a sig line containing a big smiley face if you’re going to be posting about probably fatal accidents.

Just looks a bit incongruous.

It’s always sad to hear that anyone car or bike including push bikes
Having a accident
I would like to think that no one go’s out trying to hurt anyone when travelling on the roads
Posting it on LB reminds us that we are not indestructible and I think that upsets some members
Lets face it if you ride a bike it’s not if but when you are going to get knocked off

no to you. i think this needs debate, i really do. i hate it when it comes on the radio telling people to stop slowing down to have a look like you are stupid or something. THE reason people slow down is because of traffic in front of them slowing down. maybe someone slowed when the accident happened in front of them but the vast majority of cars are NOT slowing to have a look. fact.

Now your just being a picky Twat. And put simply you can do-one. I was very worried it was someone from here, so worried in fact i rang 2 bikers from here who i knew. I only had the best intentions at heart, so don’t sit behind your fucking keyboard and pick holes. Im not a LB-er who does not attend the meetings and i’m also not a LB-er that is afraid to question your oh so moral self face to face.

Some people on this website need to get a fucking life, i have alot of respect for TDJ and Ang and it made me re-read my post and think they where right. But to think i had the in-site to go and change my sig you must be some sort of retard.

What a n.o.b

I have to agree the reason the traffic in front is slow is because people are rubber necking. It will be this way for the whole time a wreckage is visible. Of course not everyone wants to slow and look, many may well slow because the traffic in front has slowed… but the traffic in front has slowed because some folk have slowed to have a look.

Thanks Andy.

Tim dude with all due respect I was there and I saw the drivers look right. All of them. You welcome not to believe it but that’s the truth.

PS if people posted my crash before me I wouldn’t have given a flying f**k tbh.

are you saying you rode past & didn’t have a look at what was happening over there ? i doubt it…

i didnt say i didnt look. of course i had to. i didnt take a proper look as i was riding and there was no safe place to stop. i had a very very quick glance as it was in my view before i went past.
that doesnt mean slam on my brakes and stop dead in the middle of the road! :angry: