Biker Down RIP - A40 - Perivale


Saw something very sad this morning.

Heading into London on the A40, approaching the Perivale slip, traffic far worse than normal.

Ambulance, a few shunted Cars, Bike trashed couldn’t even tell hat it was. and a BodyBag,

I’ve made the assumption that It’s the biker in the body ba, but I truly hope that it was empty.

Thoughts are with you and your family

Did you see the bike???

Very sad indeed, let’s hope the bag was empty…

Well done on being the first one to post this up. I hope if it’s true that the police have had time to let the next of kin know.

Why do these posts need to be rushed on here before the facts are known.

Sorry Aly, I couldn’t tell what it was, there was a lot to take in.

I was concentrating on avoiding the cars that were wandering about rubber necking and forceing their way down to 1 lane.

Shook me a little.

I really hope I’m wrong.

As unfortunate as any accident is - they always bring out the macarb in people 99% of people rubber neck.

Asumption is the mother of all f**k ups…

lets all hope and pray that the rider was ok

aww fingers crossed. x

i think its more a thing about ‘glad its not me’. dare say there is some survival reason from learning from other peoples/animals injuries or worse