Biker down on Stockwell Road this morning - 20 April

Was riding into town along Stockwell Road, red bike looked like it had hit a small red hatchback hard from nearside rear. The hatchback appeared to have lost a wheel, which was lying underneath the car. Not sure what happened there.

Lots of people on scene, including cyclists, helping the victim (don’t know if it was the biker). Didn’t see how victim was as those in attendance were holding a blue sleeping bag over him/her, like a tent. Ambulance missed the turning from the A3, the bikers at the junction (well done them) hooted their horns and indicated where the accident was. Ambulance did a U-turn and headed to the right place.

I hope the biker, or whoever it was, is not too badly hurt and makes a full recovery.

Note to self: do a FBOS course :unsure:

We passed that on the A3 and saw the blue lights. A mile further on a cyclists crashed to the ground after emergency braking to avoid a car crossing the bus lane. He was in quite a bad way - I have never seen bruises come up that fast. Stopped to protect the scene and make sure the cyclsits that stopped had it under control until the authorities turned up.

On the way home witnessed a four car shunt in Raynes Park. A hatchback hit another so hard from behind that it clipped the back of a pickup truck, ran up the pavement, through a wall and into a parked car in front of a house. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, although two of the vehicles, including an almost new Golf, are write offs.

was it just up from the crossroads? saw that but was on the a3 going south. police had closed the road and it looked pretty bad from where i saw it so feared the worst. literally about 20 metres before that i saw a sv (i think) sat up in a bus lane flanked by an ambulance and police car. glass all over the floor, rider must have hit the window of a vehicle. sounds like there was a little pocket of it around there this morning :frowning: