Biker Down Mile End Road A11

Biker Down on Mile End Road this morning 7:37 right before Hartford Street turning going towards the city.

This is the part where the bus lane ends… I have seen many cars swinging in without signal or any indication. Not sure if that was the case.

Wish him all the best and if you know him hope he is OK.

You were lucky to get through, when I got to Mile End Road they’d closed it off at the Burdett Road bridge and everything was going down to the A13. Hope he/she’s OK.

Not good…

Thanks for adding the pics they really improve the quality of the post.

Don’t worry about any of the riders family or friends that might see this. :angry:

To be honest I though about it but if I was one of them I would want to know where it happened and as much information as I could get.

It also shows the exact place… the bus lane end where vehicles think nothing is coming and simply bardge thru… maybe if more pics like these were up idiots would think twice before turning their wheel suddendly just to overtake 2 3 cars then swing back in since the bus lane is back on after a few meters.

It also shows that no one else stopped… no other car driver… just other bikers. I also went down on the A12 low speed crash thanks God and 3 bikers stopped straight away, they stopped traffic and helped me move the bike… no car driver bothered to put hazards on and stop they just kept driving by…

You sick f*ck!!

If someone done this to me when I got wiped out the other month and found it on the net I’d go nuts!! It’s bad enough this happens but to then have someone think I know this will make a great story is wrong.

How about you remove the pictures and put a note saying if the pictures are required for insurance purposes then you’ll be glad to help.

You are right, I better put my head in the sand like everyone else… sorry. Sorry to even ask but why would you go nuts if someone posted a photo of your accident?

Just wondering what the reason would be… since I wouldn’t have one and frankly this is a touchy matter. I for one wouldn’t mind… I would have some proof and since more people see it more people are aware of the hazard, hoping more car drivers will get aware. If God forbids I went down for good… this would also be the last pics of me being alive… so his/my family might want to actually see his/my last minutes on Earth.

On another note I read in the other post that he didn’t make it (removed the pics showing him and his bike out of respect but if his family, police or insurance want the video footage I will be more than happy to provide it) online it says that it was a moped… which it wasn’t. Wonder if there was another accident recently.

I wouldnt want someone making a story of my crash it’s insensitive. Atleast say damn I saw this I’ve got afew pictures if they can be any help to the rider/family.

Not nice to hear he didn’t make it as Ive already seen the pictures so makes it worse than just reading it.

Aye, I removed the pics and cut the video for that part since I don’t tend to keep my rides archived unless I need them… too large to store.

If anyone needs the video or pics then let me know and I will pass it on.

Again if it is bad news RIP.

As has happened in the past on here, photo’s have been put up on the forum of a LB member involved in a near fatal accident clearly showing details.

These were taken off as it has detrimental implications towards any claim, let the rider or Police approach you for evidence.

+1Very incensitive, and I can’t imagine anybody being interested in seeing them on a public forum.

And naturally it’s us who get the grieving partner on the line wanting explanations and remedies for the posting of such pointless and harmful material as this.

If anyone thinks they’re doing the community, those involved or just themselves a favour by doing this kind of thing well you can simply post up offering the material if you really must.

Next person who posts pictures and/or videos of any ‘real’ crash or incident like this will get banned, by me, without explanation or discussion.