Most of the ‘biker down’ reports are for people that ain’t on the site. Its just general respect for a fellow biker to wish them all the best or, what no one wants to say…RIP.

As ELAD said, chances are the scum behind you had no insurance and was probably on a provisional licence. Hopefully they’ll slide off the road one day and ram into a wall…don’t want anyone to have to pay out for them or be involved either…and then end up in the sh*t cos they were driving illegally.

Get well soon hun and take care of yourself.

GWS mate, hope things are not too sore this morning.

Boo to the cagers but…

Yay to the kids and the ladies who came over to make sure a damn cager didn’t run over your head :wink:

Not a good situation fella, but you’re relatively ok so it sounds like a lucky escape :slight_smile:

Bikes can be repaired easier than people.

Damn, sorry to hear that, seems like it was a bad night for LB’s last night.
Any chance of CCTV catching what happened?

Hey LiM, lets hope that’s your “moment” and never again. Look after the bod for a bit, let it heal. The fact that everyone buggered off and left you in that state is an absolute disgrace. Sounds like today’s kids are our only hope tbh. GWS m8.

Bummer, feel better! I wouldn’t be able to believe that people wont stop… unless I’d seen it with my own eyes… bastards.

Deffo pursue the CCTV angle.


Lucky escape dude. Hope you fix up quick. I do have a fear of close-behind cages.

another one! gws

Glad you’re ok (ish). The fact that no-one stopped is shocking.

car, way to steal my thunder! lol

in all seriousness, glad you survived and heal up swiftly. Race ya to getting back on the road? lol

Thanks everyone. Feeling rough as this morning but much better having read this.

I would like to see the CCTV to see if I was nudged- anyone know who I should call about this?

BTW I’ve had an accident-free 5 years of commuting every day in all weathers and the last time I came off a bike was 15 odd years ago so I shouldn’t complain too much. Could have been a lot worse. Going to try to get to the GP today and then off to find/check the bike. :slight_smile:

Sh1t LM - nasty - sincerely pleased you are relatively ok.

I guess it’s possible you could have momentarily locked the front - when this happens you can sometimes (particuilarly in the wet) go down in what seems like a split second.

On the other hand - yep you may have been shunted.

Hope you get back to normal as soon as.

Jesus. No one stopping is just disgraceful. I think the moral of the story is, “If in doubt attend the Borough Market meet.”

Thanks Ninja. Yeah the lock up option worries me. I wasn’t grabbing handfuls of brake - just gradually but firmly on the front brake, maybe a touch of rear. I was running in a straight line. I wasn’t going too fast. In similar situations in the past when I’ve braked hard the front brake has maybe locked for an instance the bike skids in a straight line for a second and regains it’s composure. Never had it just ‘go’ like that. TBH what it felt like was an ‘assisted’ lock up- now I really want to see the CCTV and check out what was going on with the other traffic… if I can get hold of it.

Hope you get to the bottom of what went wrong - once you’ve worked out why something happened it’s easier to get your confidence back - which can take a knock when these things happen.

Woah…That sounds awful…Glad you’re relatively ok.

I’m not surprised to hear that no driver stopped to help you though…

I believe most of them probably just gave a shrug whilst driving around a lifeless body, with thought…‘He brought it`on himself’…Scum

Dude that sucks big fat hairy ones - hope your not in too much pain. Like other people here, it’s unbelievable that nobody stopped after what sounds like a pretty scary accident how the hell do they live with themselves.

On the CCTV query, I’d suggest reporting it as a hit and run and get the police to then follow up on the footage as I think you have enough to make a strong case for them to investigate. Seriuosly sounds like you got bumped from behind and thrown off the bike so I’d go down that route. I read somewhere that s.7 of the Data Protection Act means that the council/or company that run the CCTV have to release a copy if requested but can charge for it. The Police obviously don’t!!! Hope that you can catch the one handed self pleasurer and nail them for hit and run, insurance claim etc…

Get well soon.

Mate, glad your ok… that’s awful know one stopping, tbh not surprised by people not stopping, I recently had a small of and there was a car behind us, she just over took me and drove past.

How was the road condition?

Get some rest and try not to think about it… You’ll be better in no time.

Get Well Soon mate.

Sorry to hear that fella - sounds nasty !

Glad you are more or less alright

I am just going to repeat msyelf “what kind of world are we living in?”

glad you OK, feel for your bike:(