Decided to give BM a miss tonight and be a good boy and get home early.Big Mistake!

Something happened- not sure what- all too quick to really register. Think the van in front slammed his anchors on- he had no brake lights but I wasn’t particularly suprised about that. Thought I was braking in plenty of time- not grabbing nice and firm but steady but something wierd happened- maybe I was shunted from behind- there was someone right up my chuff at the time- front end wiggled a fraction and went in a blink next thing I know I highsided (I think coz I was airborn) then the front of my lid is bouncing Bam-bam rightside-leftside. Think I passed out for a while as I didn’t notice any other part of my body impacting. Next thing I know couple of nice ladies shielding me from traffic and keeping me from moving my head.

Just got back from A&E. Slight graze on knee, hole in right thumb, aches all over some pins and needles in hand foot etc. but X-rays okay and overall I think I was lucky this time. Girl who called the ambulance said no-on stopped- when she got there I was lying in the middle of the road with a group of kids trying to stop the passing traffic from running over me…great eh?

Looks like my X-lite lid did the business though- chunks out of it and a crack on the chin but did what it was supposed to. Draggin Jeans holed but would have been keepers if they hadn’t sliced them up to check my legs. Boots and Jacket untouched. Glove holed with a bit of the flesh from my thumb wedged in the hole. Bike- not sure yet.


**** dude…

good job you’re in one piece, and came out on top!..

Oh mate that sounded bad but glad to see your still here with us.

Ouch. Sorry to hear of your off. Get well soon and take it easy. Concussion is not nice. Usual story of drivers ignoring accidents and carrying on. I had a funeral yesterday, so decided not to go to BM and just go home for a quiet evening.

:crazy: mate!!! that sound nasty!! laying unconsious in the middle of the road and no one stopping!!?

thankfully you’re ok, did anyone get details of the other vehicle(s) involved?

ps next time go to BM! :smiley:

Aargh, really sorry to hear this, LiM. May your injuries heal quickly. If you need any help (eg I’ve got a couple of spare lids you can borrow), then please let me know, I’m just down the road from you.

Bloody hell, thats not good. Glad to hear your ok even if you are battered and bruised. Hope the bike is not too badly damaged. Sounds like you may have been nudged from behind, but for no one to stop really sucks. This seems to be a regular thing for drivers to just ignore a motorcycle going down, what with these people:angry:

Hope to see you out and about real soon.

Bloody hell, mate - that’s awful.

I’m glad you’re in one piece and have been given the all-clear at the hospital. Though I’m absolutely appalled at each and every one of the drivers who didn’t stop while you were in the road.

Giz a shout if there’s anything I can do.

Hope u feel better :slight_smile:

thats terrible - no one stopping… Glad you’re okay though and hope you get back on the road soon…

Ouch, GWS, sounds like a very close call…

Ouch :pinch: Hope your ok today although I have a feeling your gonna ache a bit!! gws :slight_smile:

Ouch! GWS, the next couple of days will be the worst, but keep moving…it hurts, but it will be for the best

at least your ok the bike can be fixed, let us know how the bike is once you’ve found out

Ouch mate, lucky that you are relatively OK. by the sounds of it you were hit from behind, and probably no-one had insurance or licence, etc so they all bailed, hope karma catches up with them soon.

Glad you are ok, but not so glad to hear about the lack of actions from the car drivers…appalling to be involved in an accident and not stop

Thats terrible, i always liked to think that if i came off my bike someone would stop to help me, but reading your story makes me realise Britain is in decline!

Glad your ok :slight_smile:

thats sucks mate

glad you are ok

that’s rough, but glad that you’re in one piece.

If you’re feeling a bit battered today, take a couple of arnica tablets for the bruising.

I know im the newbie around here but all i keep reading is biker down:w00t: Is this a regular thing on here? Very concerned to hear no one stops:w00t: Whats going on with this country. Get well soon mate;)