Biker Down....Me :(

Coming out of the BP Petrol Station after pumping up the tyres turning right to head South and the back just span out as I crossed the middle of the road :frowning: Combination of cold tyres and not concentrating…what a plum.

Bike seems ok just need new r/h fairing and brake levers, nose cone and screen so et me know if anyone has any for sale (ZX6R P7F Black), she’s due in for 2nd service next week so will ask them to check out the frame at the same time…fingers crossed its ok.

Nice start to the day ;(


at least you’re alright pal.

thats the main thing.


Just a graced bum and dented pride!

Whoops. Bet it was embarrassing.

It’s the nature of the beast i’m afraid, let’s hope you don’t do it again :wink:
Glad you’re ok though :smiley:

Glad you’re OK but an easy thing to do! Hope the bike isn’t too expensive to fix.

bummer hope you are okay, i am sure its the wallet that hurts the most.

Sorry to hear this mate. It’s something that has happened/will happen to all of us somewhere along the line, more than once etc. :wink:

ah dude not good…

glad your ok…next time…gently!

:pinch: unlucky mate.
At least you have an idea what caused it.

Happened to me a few of times, wish I could have been swallowed up!

(hehe, there ya goes, I’m setting myself up for it this time) :Whistling:

And something else to really rub it in…just got some crash bungs but hadn’t had the chance to fit them!!! Many a lesson to be learnt.

Ouch. I’d done the buy crash bungs and not fit them. Very minor damage in my instance, but now they are fitted and saved me from very major damage after a slide on diesel. Hurts doesn’t it, pride more than anything! GWS and hope you can get the bike on the road quickly enough.

Och Aye :pinch:

Is that the BP opposite Argos?


Doh ! Glad you’re OK tho.

I crashed my Bandit a few months ago. The crash bars didn’t do much good, they were on my garage floor :doze:

ooops :slight_smile: