biker down in wandsworth this morning

07:20 this morning saw a nasty bike vs massive rubble truck aftermath on York Road heading into town.

There were at least 3 bikers looking after the biker who was on the floor and looking pale. Ominous rubble truck was parked up with 4 ways on …

Anyone see it and know what happened ?

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AH!! Thanks for that info! I was wondering if there would be something on the news about it. I didn’t see the accident, but I was stuck in the near gridlock on the one way system for a good 20mins. I figured there must have been an accident.

I really hope the biker is ok.

TFL were reporting an accident involving to HGVs at the junction of West Hill and Upper Richmond Road cleared at about 9am - the traffic heading towards Wandsworth was jammed right back as far as Clapham Common

T reg silver yamaha thunderace looks to have been the bike that got hit. Bike is leaning against the wall near battersea heliport last night and this morning