Biker Down in Greenwich

Well, despite being fairly proficient and all that bollocks, I got taken out by a car yesterday afternoon/evening (circa 4.30pm). Accident happened in Greenwich on the Woolwich Road right outside the HSS hire shop. Car turned across traffic aiming for Armitage Road. No indicating that I saw and lights were parking, not dips. Had no escape route with oncoming traffic and them turning into my route. Enough time to scrub off speed (I was doing around 25mph) to around 15mph. They just stopped in the middle of the road and I hit them at in the front wheel arch. Bang, balls to tank, chest to top of bike and then bonnet to tarmac interface with my head!

Biker behind me on a L plated CBF125 is an immediate witness as were a couple of others who saw what happened. Absolutely sterling help by Mr CBF, sorry I did not get your name. Being deaf is a real pain. As my neck/back/pelvis were very sore I elected to stay put and not move waiting for the ambulance. Ambulance took around an hour to come… crew were brilliant though and very helpful.

However I was attended to by another biker and an anaethesist called Charlotte and also a lovely lady in a white top. Several people donated picnic blankets to keep me warm. My new Halvarssons gear did a brilliant job of keeping me well protected and warm. My Shoei Qwest lid is written off. Police had bike recovered for me by Cedars Assist, so no idea where it is held at the moment. Will try to sort that on Monday.

I just want to give my thanks to those to stopped to help and also those who were witnesses. **** happens, but sometimes when good people help out it takes a lot of the stress out of it.

Next step is to phone Hastings to get the claim in. Problem is that I cannot hear them on the line!!! And you cannot email claims department. No provision for deaf people, discrimination I tell you! :wink: Being fully comp with protected NCB might pay off. But I need to get back onto a bike asap as I hate taking the train!!!

What a bummer!

Could happen to any of us - lucky the speed was scrubbed anyway - are you ok?

I thought all insurance company had 'hard of hearing lines?

Anyway you have a solid claim - What was the other driver like? Old/young / jalopy driver / fairly new car?

From what I remember the car is a newer Vauxhall I think. Shiney blue thing. I did not even see the driver or have words with him/her. I think there was a passenger in the car and I did not see them looking at me, but at each other, but my focus was on a non existant escape route and braking hard, front and rear brakes. Police took statements and drivers details. I’m talking to the officer this afternoon at 5pm. He was calm and collected, so I’ll hopefully get the details I need from him to process the claim. He says details will be handed over to the Accident Scene people to work out who is at fault etc… (bloody driver I can tell you that much!)

I am supposed to be doing a lot of wall papering today, attending a team away day on Monday and lots more besides, hospital appt which I now have to pay parking for etc… bloody annoying! I detest public transport and travelling on the train for 1 week is 1/2 my months commuting cost in petrol. Utter waste of time and money and I don’t have enough money to cover incidentals at the moment!

Sorry to hear that, but are you ok? After jumping on the bonnet of the car and landing on the Tarmac? You don’t mention in your post. Good luck with your claim and hope you recover your bike soon

At least you got out of doing the wallpapering then :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep all the reciepts for that stuff - presumably you can get it back from the other guy’s insurance?

I’m walking around, bruised and rather sore. But I will live. More pissed off at the utter inconvenience of it all.

Sorry to hear this mate. Hopefully the witness statements with help make the claim straightforward.
At least you’re ok too. A broken bone or two would keep you off the bike even longer.

Glad your ok…

Just the hassle with insurance now, and a bruised pride.

Hope you feel better soon.

Really sorry to read this but glad you’re ok. I hope to catch you on your replacement steed one day at BM soon - been too long.

Really sorry to hear about your off. Glad you are OK. This might be helpful if you are unable to communicate with them by phone - [email protected]

Obviously, if they can’t offer you a route to claim without using the phone they are in breach of the Equality Act so can’t believe they don’t have something in place.

I assume you declared deafness when arranging the insurance as some insurers increase premiums or even refuse insurance completely for drivers/riders with hearing impairment.

No need to declare being hard of hearing. It is not a medical reason for not riding/driving. I’ve done advanced courses etc and have always been complimented on being aware of my surroundings as you have to see and note what is happening when you cannot hear… Still, they are aware I am hard of hearing, so cannot deny the cover etc…

DVLA don’t think it is for cars and bikes (though you do have to declare it for other licences like PSV and HGV). I know some insurers do want you to declare it as it means you might not hear a warning, such as a horn for example, although they need to demonstrate it changes the risk they are charging for significantly to be lawful.

Bad luck. Never a good time to bin it but particularly inconvenient at this time of year. Glad you walked away and good for you for waiting to be moved - better safe than sorry.

Couldnt you argue that if they didnt ask, you didnt feel you had to declare? Assuming the policy was taken out pre Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) act?
Makman has already said Hastings are aware so academic anyway.

My now written off bike. Still waiting on whether driver admits liability. I’ve not got legal cover, so will have to go the route of using Hastings Solicitors, Carpenters to chase for injuries and gear. My Shoei Qwest and back protector are both damaged, so that is £450 I am out of pocket already.

A week later and my groin, pelvis, back, neck and shoulder are still aching and sore. Hard to drive for more than 1/2 hour as pelvis is sore. Wife does not drive. Hard to sleep as back/neck are so sore.

Life goes on though. Just looking for a new to me bike. WOuld have bought Jimbo’s bike for what it was going for!

You do not have to use insurance appointed solicitors.

You can go to any law firm you wish and get legal representation under a Conditional Fee Agreement (No win no fee). Providing on the balance of probability you have a 51% or better chance of winning they will be able to take your case on.

The only thing that has a bearing (which is nothing for you to worry about) is if your claim is valued at under £25,000 (which from what you have said is probably the case) then your case would be dealt with under the portal fast track system and fixed fees for your solicitors apply. If it is valued at over £25,000 then it would be multi track which simply means that fees are uncapped and your solicitor can throw more resources at the case to unsure a better chance of winning your case.

That said, if liability is disputed then it would come out of the portal system.

The bottom line is, you are not obliged to use the solicitors instructed by your insurers, even if you had legal expenses insurance. The rules have changed in that respect.

Thanks for the heads up TC. That is good to hear.I am sure it will be fast tracked, I am not looking for over £25K in injuries, that is for sure. But I do want to make sure that I am covered for my losses! I am more inclined to go with a solicitor recommended by Hastings than say “” that I’ve seen on TV.

If I may suggest, use someone recommended, that is local or you know rather than someone recommended or instructed by the insurers as they tend to simply go through the motions rather than fight your corner.

You only have to look through some previous threads here to see that claims handled by insurance appointed solicitors often ends in tears and they make life difficult.

If it is someone local, (or fairly local) you can at least call in and see them in person far more easily, whereas insurance instructed solicitors are often at the opposite end of the country.

As TC said, I used White Dalton before and they were good for me