Biker down in east end

After only being a member for 10 minutes, I loose the front on diesel. Bugger.

Not hurt (save pride), left hand engine cover gashed open, oil lost, rear left indicator gone and clutch lever knob thing snapped. D’oh.

Commence piss-taking

Nothing Funny There Bro…Im glad ya back at ya PC to tell us about it…all the best.

Harsh but glad to see you are OK. All of that and you still get poked with a stick (see newbie thread)

Oh, all right then, I will. You muppet! Glad you’re OK!

Glad your ok, diesel is one of our worst enimies!!!

No piss taking here mate…honest

PLONKER RODNEY hehehehehehe

Glad you are ok and still have a sense of humour about it. One of the greatest enemy of bikers is a diesel spill, you quite often have no chance so I don’t think piss taking is quite in order.

Glad you are ok, I wont be lauging at you. Just glad you are here to tell us and you are ok.

Ure ok thats the main thing!

Tomfoolery, bad luck! Diesel can catch anyone out anytime! I hate it! All the best repairing your bike.


No mick taking here bud.

F**kin diesel! Tommo, glad to see you’re ok fella.

Last time I lost it on a patch of diesel, I ended up under the front of a stationary bus. Not damaged too much tho…NURSE!!

Good luck mate

Cheers fellas. Only a graze on my left elbow and a bruise on my hip.

Bike will be back on the road tomorrow, after an embarassing plea to my Dad for additional funds.

Thanks guys.

we’ve all been their mate glad your in good spirits an health after all thats all that matters

hmm I 2nd all the above

hope you ok dude welcome to the club we all bin it…

The main thing is that you are ok Mate and its good you can laugh about it, see you on your bike again soon

Man I hate diesel spills, you should come on the killspills rally in spetmeber from the Ace.

Glad you are OK.

Glad you’re ok, I had a very near moment on a roundabout diesel spill a couple of weeks back 2 up, I was v lucky. Hope your bike is up and running again soon

Sh!t, sorry to hear about your spill … glad you’re okay though!!

Have you got crash protectors on your bike? … If not, I’d recommend you get some R&Gs … they’ll save you money should this kind of thing happen again … fitted a full set to mine last night.