Biker Down - DT Ross

Ross got pulled out on by a 4x4. Broken leg and a rather large cut on his leg.

He’s on facebook, waiting around in hospital so I’m thinking he’s largely ok besides his leg.
Police reckon his bike isn’t too bad.
Maybe being on the other side of the police will change his opinions!

his leg-


its on his FB page too-

Ouch. :frowning: get well soon bud

Holy ****, I just brought my brekkie back up !!!

Get well soon bud!

Fook me, that’s a nasty one. GWS mate, hope you’re back riding soon and that the bike’s not too bad

i spoke to him on the phone. seemed quite chilled considering. i have broken my arm 3 times before and it was always agony as well as cutting my head open bad.

yet he said, just felt like pins and needles … (the LBnator) or is in shock still

he wasnt even green laning. though, not often u see 4x4s using their 4x4ness too

the last thing he asked me to do was ask amazing bikes for a steering column lmao

a biker to the heart!!!

hope u recover quick mate!

Blimey Ross that’s a pretty juicy one you’ve got there!

Really sorry to hear you’ve been injured, I sincerely hope you make a full recovery nice and quick. You’re a young lad, you’ll bounce back nicely :slight_smile:

Keep it up mate, I’m sure you’re being well looked after… If you need anything just give us a shout!


HOLY CRAP. That injury looks horrible!

That really sucks Ross, hope you feel better soon and get lawyered up!

WOW! … That looks effin sore…makes me wonder about wearing jeans (or even armoured jeans) maybe leather is the only way to go after all…

That looks proper nasty!!! :frowning: It’s gonna hurt.

OMFG you sure are lucky!

Sorry to hear :frowning:

Mend soon chap. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty bad.
Get well Ross!

That must sting a bit! :pinch:

GWS mate.

Get well soon mate!


**** me, sure that wasn’t a shark attack!

May I wish you a speedy recovery!

Fek me! Hope there’s no long term damage.
All the best mate.

GWS mate, good to know your chatting and in good mental state:)

Sad to hear about your off, hope you get well looked after and get back on your feet soon.

That’s $#!t news
Get well soon mate