Biker down: Columbo...

Why claim for something that hasn’t happened


Sorry dude, didn’t realise you were that innocent… :wink:

Haha! I have no comeback so I’ll just laugh it off and act all confident about it whilst secretly being disappointed that I had nothing to say!

Thought you were going to say there has been no ‘loss of enjoyment’ :wink:

Sorry to hear about your accident, GWS.

Oh this is bad news! Hope you’re alright now Charlie…

At least it was your work bike not yours eh :wink:

And hopefully this hasn’t persuaded your mum and dad to ban you from getting a 400 :stuck_out_tongue:

Least you’re ok and it wasn’t your bike

Get well soon dude

Quite the opposite!

My dad has recognised a **** week so is giving me a lift to Leicester to look at a bike.
He’s also got me a bike trailer and agreed to give me my birthday present a little early :smiley:

I’ve found one in great condition and it reads 19,000 miles on the clocks.
Im super suspicious though as its had 13 owners and 2 colour changes. Probably gone up to 100k and clocked over :frowning:

Waiting for the seller to give me a recent MOT test number or V5 reference number so I can get a full MOT history.

How many owners?
What the hell are you buying? Katie Price?

Nah. Taylor Swift! xD

Number of owners doesnt bother me. 400s always get used as stepping stones and not many keep them for very long.
Its age against mileage that’s causing trouble…

EDIT: Bike is no longer for sale. Once I let on that I knew what I was talking about, the bike suddenly developed starting issues and is no longer fit for sale “until the carbs get cleaned”. :crazy:

Thats a shame, but least its saved you a trip for something iffy.

Not really a shame. The dude was looking for someone who didn’t know what to look for to sell a dodgy bike to.
Seems like I dodged a bullet here…