Biker down: Columbo...

Unfortunately Charlie has been knocked down by a van…

He seems to be fine. And luckily it was his work scooter so all is good. Unfortunately his gear is obviously fecked…

He was at a junction waiting to turn right when a van ploughed straight through him. It was all at low speed so he’s not hurt.

Hopefully he’ll post up soon.

Oh dear poor Columbo. GWS from the bruises etc. Just after posting what nobs the bosses were for sending him out on a dodgy bike too. Hope all ends well.


Sorry to hear this, but glad to hear he’s fine albeit that his gear isn’t.

Hope things are sorted smoothly (esp. with the mugged off work bike!) and that the bruises heal quickly.

LEt me guess, your bosses ordered you to drive the bike back, right? :smiley:

Just kiddng… GWS dude

Thanks for all the kind words. Insurance claim is filed (Company policy) but I doubt its gonna cover my own gear.
The gear supplied by the company is sub-standard so I wear my own gear (besides the company jacket which is required for me to pass as “in uniform”).
Unfortunately, this means my personal gloves took quite a beating. On closer inspection, my trousers are fine. (A relief as they are on loan to me from Held)

Anyone got advice as to what I can do regarding my gloves?


GWS dude.

GWS and drag out the sick leave.

Don’t understand why you’re worried about your gloves, and don’t forget any other items of kit damaged too. The other party clearly appears to be at fault just claim for your loses off of their insurers.

Yeah, best to speak to a lawyer and start a claim for all your uninsured losses…

Glad to hear you weren’t hurt.

I hope you are well, and not too sore, rest up!

Did the pizza get delivered on time though? :wink:

Get Well Soon Charlie, and get another pizza job!

if the other party is at fault you should be claiming for everything that got damaged, including you (assuming you are hurt).

and don’t forget the loss of earnings

Plus emotional suffering and loss of enjoyment of sex - all attributable to the actions of the dopey van driver.

i read that as loss of earrings.

poor columbo, if only he’d gone for piercings rather than clip ons.

columbo last night…

Then there’s Keyboard Warrior’s Finger compensation to claim :wink:
GWS Fella






Get it right mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This was after the delivery. It was the first delivery of the shift too :frowning:

Why claim for something that hasn’t happened and be part of the cause for my already stupidly high premium going up even more?
I woke up a little sore. 2 Neurofen and I’m sorted.

sorry to hear you had an off, apparently all is good now.

this reminds me of the time when Daniel posted about that pizza delivery rider who got nicked in front of the tea hut, they all had free pizza that night :laugh: