Biker down - Bikergirl_400 (Claire)

The missus had an off on the commute this morning.

She’s fine, just a bit sore and bruised but the poor vfr is in a state :ermm:

Low sided off a small roundabout on cold tyres and damp (VERY) slippery road as she grabbed front brakes to avoid a car coming the other way down the narrow road. There were cars parked on both sides so only space for 1 car to drive down the middle. Just caught her unawares :crying:

I was a minute behind her so came around the corner to see her (thankfully) standing up but the bike under the front of the car. bikes just been collected for assessment at the OMC. Touch and go wether its a writeoff or not considering the value of the bike and the cosmetic damages.

New fairings, exhaust, front mudguard and clamps, twisted bars/forks (hopefully just out of alignment), barends, clutch instrument cluster and a few other small bits and bobs.

:crying: :crying:

Cries inside Hope she’s ok!!!

very glad you are OK Claire, best of luck with the bike.

Sorry to hear this. Hope you get your bike fixed up soon.

Bike can be replaced easily. Claire cannot. GWS and hope bike is easily sorted.

That’s really crappy to hear although it’s great that Claire isn’t badly hurt.
Hope the bike can be fixed up though, I know it’s kinda a big deal to her :frowning:

Poor Claire :frowning:

Give her a big cuddle from us, best of luck with the bike xx

Glad Claire is OK, bikes can be replaced/fixed.

Sorry to hear of the off.
I hope Claire is fine and back on two wheels soon.

I feel for you too Jamie, my worst nightmare is getting
a message saying the other half has had an off.

As it was last time MetalRed came off she was ok,
the bike needed a new indicator, brake lever
and touch of paint and she was doing over 40mph.

MetalRed fell well and the SV650 really is a good commuter.

Oh no, GWS Claire.

I’ve a set of those footpegs in black I will donate

Its a **** feeling isn’t it. even worse when you turn a corner and her bike is under a car. I saw that first then focused and saw her standing. My arse was chomping on my heart :w00t:

Arrhhh! Glad you’re ok Claire :wink:

big hugs to Claire. and Jaime, he really must have been in a state after that off.

best wishes you can fix the bike. xx

Damn not nice to see but bikes can be replaced

Hope Claire is ok

Oh no! Glad you’re relatively OK though Claire, that’s the main thing. Get well soon and I hope you can get the bike back on it’s feet… well wheels :slight_smile:

GWS Claire.

Bugger good to hear she came off lightly and just a bit bruised.

Glad your ok Claire the bike can be repaired, still not nice seeing it in that state :crying:

If you need anything let me know and I can ask about at the race meetings to see if anyone has any spares, you never know.

glad you`re okay Claire. good for you standing straight up, you should be in motoGP lol. GWS! :slight_smile: