Biker down and back up again

Apologies to the biker I clipped the back of this morning at the junction of London Wall and Broadgate. As you were doing an emergency stop to avoid pedestrians crossing on a Red Man I was checking the car over my left shoulder.

I hit the brakes and locked up. Then swerved and hit the deck, fortunately I wasn’t going particularly fast.

Hopefully no harm done other than:

1 scuffed boot
1 broken bracket for wing mirror
1 sheared off foot peg on gear changer
1 cracked indicator light
1 bent headlight bracket.
1 scuffed ego.

The overwhelming concern is duly noted and appreciated.

£58 of parts apparently.

Hope your ok mate. £58 on parts isnt too bad

Glad your ok. Maybe just one of those accidents you couldnt avoid.

Did any stop? Help? the biker you ‘hit’ what did he do?

Attention hahhaah.

on a serious note. glad ur not too bruised and battered. :cool:

remember… some of us can’t use LB at work. :crying:

Fk the rider, what about the Bonnie!!??!!

Just kidding mate…seriously, the Bonnie?!? :wink: