Biker Down - A40 Westway between Shepherds Bush roundabout and Paddington RIP

Hello, I am a friend of that guy. Would you be able to give some more info. Did you see how it happened?

Can I suggest that any further details be shared via private message rather than posted up, that way other people can be spared the gruesome details.

RIP fellow biker.

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I am a friend of the guy who died on Fri. Devastated…

Did you see how it happened? what happened?

Got it. But I did not want “describtions”, I just want to know how it happened.

Very moving.

Nice to know that there are such fantastic and compassionate people out there.

RIP mate.

I too passed the scene of this accident on Friday night. I do not ride a bike but have been struggling to shake the image of the red blanket on the carriageway with the helmet next to it.

I use this road most days and have seen the aftermath of many an accident but there was something about this that has affected me.

I have used this road several times this week and as I passed the scene now marked by a bunch of lillies I wonder who it was that lost their life on what should have been the start to the weekend, not the tragic end of a life.

My thoughts go out to the ones left behind



i knew the biker for 18 years can someone tell me what happened, please send a private message. Our prayers are with him, he was a true gentleman, an ambassador for his community.

please let me know what happened thanks

plz if someone know ,how its happened pm us
thanks a lot

Why don’t people who want to know what happened contact the Old Bill? They would’ve collated any witness reports and would have informed the family about possible initial findings and what enquiries were being carried out.

Seems strange that people would rather third party information over a forum.

Agreed, I was PM’d by bikersfriend asking what I knew about the accident. I asked if they had contacted the police and the reply was ‘not yet’.

I too find that odd. It would have been the first thing I would have done. This forum is much much harder to find than the police…

Not that I’m saying the posters are, but it wouldn’t be unheard of for the press or ‘third parties’ to try and pull a fast one. Just a thought.

As you say, it’s all a little strange.

Guys if we are trying ask here means police atm dosent know what and how happened,they can give only some version of it,coz there no cctv on road.and maybe its will take months for logic version from police. For this reason we asking you guys,maybe someone was there how its happened.

Sure, of course, but most people would contact the police BEFORE coming here to ask what happened, wouldn’t they?

I know I would.

police was cont. but its will take time.reason why we asking here maybe we can know quicker than police will lets us know

Ummm, there’s a reason it takes time and that’s because any findings are given after a thorough investigation. Not off internet forum hearsay.

It’s most strange that you’d seek a version of events of a group of relative strangers instead of the Old Bill. As I said - that’s something the press would do.