Biker down A3

I saw the most sickening sight this morning on my way into work. Coming up the A3 Towards the Roehampton tun off i saw a black Honda VFR Hit the back of a vectra travelling at speed. The biker seemed to flip over and land on the road face down, no movement at all. The bike was abs crushed underneath nthe car. I really really hope the guy/Girl is ok…

Plenty of people stopped to assist in anyway they could, i felt bad for not stopping but i felt there were enough peeps there.

Always a sobering sight. I wouldn’t beat yourself up fella (although I know the feeling); sounds as though you would have just been adding to the audience.

Hope the rider is ok.

What a terrible thing to see.
Feel better soon.

I hope the rider is okay.

That’s really horrible. One of my best mates rides a dark coloured VFR up the A3 and i just checked to see that he was ok (he was).

I really hope that the rider in question is gonna be ok.

Let us know is ur mate is fine. Terrible thing to see Westie. :frowning: