Biker 'dies' 28 time and still lives!!


Hope he stop’s rid’ing bike’s I wish him all the best

Amazing that they had the foresight to have someone there to count the number of times he was being brought back to life! Were they going for a world record? :wink:

Sure they can laugh about it now but it must have been torture for his family at the time…‘He’s back!..err no he’s gone again…wait a minute…oh crap…no no hang on a minute…’

Reminds me of a young work experience mechanic we once had when asked if the indicators were working, "yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…"Well done to the air ambulance and medics.

Brian? Cor you don’t usually post do you!:smiley:

“developed a life-threatening rhythm disturbance not compatible with life”

Subtly understated!

Determined bugger aint he?

well done for pulling through :smiley:

They would need alot more than 28 - a previous patient of mine can beat that no problem!!! :hehe:

Now he’s got his device in and had his artery sorted he can get back on his bike once he’s better. Glad he made a full recovery :slight_smile: