Biker Clandar 2010 - Pinups galore!

A taster

What, no one representing LB?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah could’nt we get involved in next years one? there is a link for 2011:D

LB would require somethign a bit more classy -they all look naff:D

You girls volunteering?! We’d have a tough time us blokes competing with this lot :smiley:

Cmon LB’s roll up, who’s up for submitting for 2011 calendar?

The foreground of August is a bit worrying, Your typical Harley/Trike owner perhaps??? lol:D:D

I reckon we could do an L.b one as Jay has the L.b banners:D

dam thats some unfit people

I see you have met members of LB then :D:D:P

Lets do it :smiley:

We know you only want to see the girls with their kit off;)

Me? No i was thinking of community and team spirit :smiley: The thought of girls getting their kit off never even crossed my mind ;):hehe:


Love the big tanned guy with a wooden carved bike, so random. :slight_smile:

Now you ask for volunteres :hehe: after i have been trying to slim down, I will have to re-invest to get back in line with these guys.

I’ll be up for this for 2011 - I’ll be charging 200 pounds and 99 pence to be Ms February with my underpants over my trousers, a rose between my teeth, clutching a copy of the Sunday Mirror, wearing a blonde wig and union jack pyjamas whilst attempting a wheelie on a Street Triple.

Sounds very fetching eh ? ;):cool:

Now - an LB calendar - what a thought :smiley:

There was one once, apparently - anyone still got a copy??

Apparently? I would have thought if there was one you two would have got on the front cover, or at least been Mr and Mrs January :stuck_out_tongue:

No it was before we joined and no we’re not stripping off for a future one:w00t::w00t:

so for £300 you get nekkid ???

is this code words for anything and can he get a cream to help with this affliction