Biker chicks, love em or hate em?

Just like to know eveyones view on biker chicks. I’ve been on some others forums and talked to other bikers and there seems to be a pretty mixed view. Personally i think the more the merrier, alot of you girls put a lot of us lads to shame when rideing, and anyway, there’s not alot wrong with a girl fully clad in leather is there boys.:slight_smile:

all for it mate, my neighbours lady has just done her CBT and intends on going for the big bike

Never ridden before, did CBT and DAS in April, pick up my new bike on Saturday, a Firestorm - BRING IT ON :smiley:

And hey, you gotta love me :w00t:

Love em :w00t::smiley:

Love them even more if they ride a supermoto :smiley:

A Firestorm, good choice!:smiley:

Quite a few of us on here so watch what you say lads :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey we’ve been good so far :stuck_out_tongue:

love 'em! :smiley:
There’s something about biker chic’s that makes them that little bit more appealing. I think they are just more fun/exciting than regular chic’s. :wink:

i was thinking the same lol :stuck_out_tongue:

They are doing ok so far, keep the compliments rolling in and no one will get hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

I second that :stuck_out_tongue:

Well without wishing to patronise the ladies on this site, I think they generally make far better riders than men, it’s just such a pity that far more women don’t take up biking. They look much better in all the gear as well ;)I expressed my views on this on TLB a while back, can’t be bothered to repeat them again so here’s a link for those who are interested… it’s the 3rd from last post, in red font…;act=ST;f=1;t=7020 (also includes a link back to LB, funnily enough…)There is a lady on TLB who is just over 5 feet tall, of slight build, and she is a grandmother, but when she gets on her R1 she ROCKS! She can ride it faster, and more skilfully, than many a professional racer. She is by far the fastest and best rider I have ever met. The lady is a legend.

Biker chicks rock… :cool::smiley:

How about Livia Lancelot - French WMX champ?

If that’s patronising, I’d hate to see you praising them :D;)

IMO that depends on the body underneath. Leathers work for some (people), not for others.

For me the main attraction of a biker girl would be knowing that she shared an enthusiasm/ passion for bikes and what goes with the lifestyle - standing around drinking tea etc :wink:
So I’d have to say Love.

some can ride some cant…just like fellas…

do you mean difrent types of biker chicks?

i’ve ridden with quite few women bikers, some are damn quick! the best i have personally ridden with is…stacey-tattosit750chick-, that girl is fast!! and she be me partner in grinding sliders init!!:smiley:

Deffo for it.

Especially if their anything like the 2 hotties i pulled up next to J3 M25 on sunday:D
Both clad head to toe in leather :wink: one on an R6 and the other a 10R i think.

Anyway complements to you both if your on here!!

You cant have enough biker chicks! :cool:

It would be a very brave man indeed who voted against them on here:w00t:

Absolutely! :D:D

Love 'em! I’m engaged to one! :wink:
Of course, she wasn’t one until she met me… :blush: