biker causes accident


haha… someone was on the phone :wink:

double lol :smiley:

:laugh:i kept playing the last part over and over again :laugh:


i liked this one too


slipper 1 (11/08/2011)


i liked this one too[/quote]HOLY MOLY!! I thought he was gonna bin that! proper skills

that deserves a seperate thread :smiley:

how f*cking awesome was that second one??? :w00t:


I Know!!! bloody hell!!

LMAO @ the Bike stunt practice goes wrong , Vid.

See it about a week ago on .

( its a little longer on there , he goes up n down a couple of times trying to wheelie befor the suicidal tuktuk apears )

Ya cant help but keep going back and watching it again , lol