Biker being sued!

Dunno if this has already been covered on here, but if not here it is.

That was an original news report, but there have been loads since then.

There’s also a link on Facebook that I’ve joined in support of the guy. I appreciate everyone will have an opinion on this and some will not want to sign up…I just thought I’d give you all the opportunity to have a look.

My opinion…why did the guy have his hand in the letter box…once you’ve shoved the leaflet in you don’t need to put the hand in…anyway…have a read and see what you think.

as a person bitten by dogs a few times, i find that incredible:D

Surely they would be able to tell if a wound had been caused by a dog or a letterbox!?!? And, like you say, what possessed the guy to put his fingers all the way through the letterbox? What a tit!:stuck_out_tongue:

If the dog did bite it off, there would be saliva on the tip, thus being able to DNA test it??? And the fact that the owner had put it in the freezer?? But he got red of it right?

What gets me that he didn’t try to claim back the tip straight away!! to get it put back on?

Anyone will just claim for anything these days!!

He sounds like the kind of moron who deserves to have bits of him eaten by dogs :Whistling:

Mark kept the tip in his fridge/freezer for sometime, but as the owner never called to collect it, he eventually chucked it.

He’s requested the medical report from the hospital and it basically states what the guy said had happened…I’m not sure if it has a report from the doctor describing the injuries which should counter claim the guys story.

So far the majority of the residents in the street and the local postie have written letters all defending Mark. The postie has also noted that Mark had fitted a letter guard on the back of the door years ago, well before the alleged dog bite, and he’s confirmed that you have to force your hand quite far through the box before you can feel the back of the guard.

Does make me wonder why the guy would be that daft to push his hand that far. Of course, there is the option that Mark can say the guy was trespassing cos he never gave him permission to step upto the door, that priviledge is for the postie and visiting friends only.

Hopefully it’ll get thrown out before it goes to far.