Biker apps for iPhone?

what biker related apps have you got for your iPhone?

looking for things like : route taken, speed, traffic??

I use AccuFuel to monitor fuel consumption. Good bit of kit, but not really what you asked for ay? :wink:

i found this:
(its for cyclists but will try it on the bike)

Haven’t found much that’s biker specific.

If you’ve jailbroken your iphone, get xGPS through Cydia. It’s awesome. Does all your turn-by-turn GPS stuff, but you can also log your ride.

more apps…

here i am - email your location

trapster - get alerted to them speed cameras

2xl sx lite - MX game

motochaser - Bike game

imaginary motorcycle - motorcycle sound in your hand

…anyone got any more?


“Techno-Geeks” actually!!!:smiley:

get a G1 :smiley: