Bikeless For The 1st Time Since Passing Test

How gutted am I…I just watched Andy (p3rks on here) ride away on my R1. Well, technically it’s his R1 now!!

It does feel really strange to not have a bike - what on earth am I gonna do on the weeknds now and where can I wear my lovely leathers :crazy:

Might have to get some pillion rides to tide me over until I leave for New York :w00t:


I’m sure you’ll easily find a pillion ride!

And there’s lots of places to wear leather at the weekend…


nice bike that:cool: must be sad to see it go into the distance:crying: you can get on the back of mine but no foot pegs. so you’ll have to wrap your legs around me:D

Aaaah Sherrie - maybe we can find somewhere for us to go and wear our lids and leathers together babe - The guy picked up my ( technically now his ) Tuono this afternoon so , I too , am bikeless for the forseeable :crying:


mine may have to go soon…bad times:(

i dont know how you’ve done it!

gonna have to start doing things like going to the park on a weeekend :w00t:

Hey Sherrie, well I guess it had to happen sooner or later, of course if you’d wanted a pillion ride you only had to ask, you didn’t have to go as far as selling your baby you know!! :w00t:

I’ve taken two people out on the back of the trusty gixxer, 3 if you count the brief lift I gave to Anita, in the last 6 weeks so one more won’t matter, you only have to ask!! :wink:

At this rate I may have to start charging! :smiley:

Or you can borrow my 600F xx

oooh, now that’s a better offer than any pillion ride :cool:

Just to make sure you read that right…F not RR :stuck_out_tongue:
Whenever Sherrie…obviously with insurance! :w00t: x

You can always get a bar job on the weekend and if its nice weather have ur mates text you how much fun they are having on rideouts while ur slaving away to horrible horrbile people :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: rant over :frowning:


Its as bad as it sounds… the weather is great and ur stuck listening to stupid customers complain or perv at you or just DONT move when you say “excuse me please” 10million times!!!
Im stuck working the ashes this week so no rides for me :frowning: yes i know im complaining but yeah lol :smiley:

Know how you feel, I have two bikes and can’t ride either. :frowning:

Shame,never got the chance to “woop woop” you on the outer circle:w00t:

That sounds rather rude :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yes, whoop whoop me please, lol.

lol, damn!

Nah, just kidding. I really appreciate the offer and of course would make sure I’m fully insured.