Got me on the list to use the underground parking at UCL! So much better than where i used to park on Gordon street. Cheerz mate!

Cezar also found a home for 2 kittens we ended up with.

What other good work does this guy do?

He’s also pretty sexy…

He also stored my bike overnight in his garage when it became a victim of attempted theft. And, he rode me home on his scoot.

He once followed me round Silverstone circuit just to make sure I was okay… You were doing that, right, Cezar?

He said he would buy all my drinks at the LB xmas party! I really love him!

And you want to have his babies!

Aaaah, LB’s first marriage

You are all wellcome guys but now stop that I’m getting a bit scared here…

Full throtle, I did look for your bike there, where are you mate? I guess you get there on a different timing than I do. Glad you are happy, your bike is secure there.

Followed and passed eh Jay! On my 636 but never mind you ‘forgot’ your on board camera wasn’t it?

David, The family that got your cats are so happy and so am I and Madeline as they will have a lovely house, loads of food and cuddles forever! Couldn’t be better for all of us!

Paivi, you are welcome to my house whenever you want, Madeline liked you and so did the cats! lol

Cezar you should stop feeding your new cat before it explodes

Hahaha! you could see that it’s not my fault at all mate!