Bike2travel dancing

shake it Cezar :slight_smile:

Yayy … go Cezar!!

Seen it before, still cracks me up though !!!

Thats class!

I take it that is a video before he ate all the pies?

I thought it was quality! Will have to take get him to come out dancing on our next girls night out clubbing in Kingston,dont you think so bbbabe! LOL

He needs to get his groove on every day to shift that Xmas belly!

Most Definately!What a moverA sure hit on the dance floor

Thanks guys! I’m not bad am I?

David we have to have a ‘little’ chat ‘mate’ !

would that be a “little chat” over a “big drink”? Some time soon hopefully

Keep shakin’ that ass, Cezar!

The new LB fitness vid. Woow, you guys think of everything