Bike wraps..

Saw an old Gixxer at the Ace the other nite, looked like it had a body-wrap in denim styleee… with GSXR badge looked like a woven patch… cool I thought!

Anyone got any info on where these wraps are available… seems especially attractive to someone with a bike that loooks as shit as mine does at the mo!!!

Ha ha… sad but true!! :crying:

Cheers… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would hazard a guess at ProWrap being able to do wrapping :wink:

Raccoon at Edenbridge Kent did a good Job on the Passenger bikes I look after, for some PR do! Seemed a nice bunch

There we go… Thanks banman and spanners… twas links I was looking for… :slight_smile:

And thanks for your… err… helpful input ALEX!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chicken wraps are better

Your looking at about £500 to wrap a bike

Alex means Pro Wrap UK

Poke Captain_Slow about it

Hmmm… Yep… Prices!!! :blink:

Think i’ll get the matt-black paint back out!! :smiley:

£500? I was quoted £1,500 for a Busa, and that included the supply of artwork - I think they’ll charge quite a bit more if they have to design it.

It depends on what kind of wrap you want and what you want wrapped on the bike. Mine was the whole deal (except for side pannels) frame and fairings.

try that lot, prices etc on there too.

What did you want on your bike?
You still have the Artwork?
send it over to me as have a feeling could beat that price :slight_smile:

PM Sent :slight_smile:

I saw that too, my mates bike, wouldn’t get denim though lol…

I’ve always wondered how much detail you can get with wrap though…
I’d like a lot of detailed pictures but think it may be better to just get the bike airbrushed…

You can get as much details as you like and have high res images on the vinyl also you could even get a picture of a airbrushed bike and copy it onto the vinyl
The issue with air brush is that if you damage a part of it would need to respray whole part which is expensive vinyl is a cheaper alternative to paint hence alot of educated people are now turning to it and also if you change your mind further down the line and want something else on bike, car, boat, truck etc
Bring it back to us and we take off and put new design on of your choice and protects the paint underneath it also
Plus vinyl is alot quicker to apply then air brush so takes less time :slight_smile:

how much to do my 'bird in castrol colours Capn ?

PM Sent :slight_smile:

Fancy wrapping my Daytona in vine leaves and calling it a Greek starter. Mind you it starts better than most Greeks of a morning and has no family connections.:smiley:

i can wrap anything you like and i do mean anything :wink:

How much for the full Greek Meze?:slight_smile: