Bike with hubless wheels

"The biker boys at Amen Design have built a chopper based around Franco Sbarro’s hubless wheels. And it really rides!

Hubless wheels work by fixing the rotating parts (brake ring, bearings, hubless rim) onto the outer side of a non-rotating inner ring that attaches to the motorcycle’s swingarm or forks."

That’d turn some heads! :w00t:

Hubless and pointless?


mental! i wouldnt trust it!

I am loving that look. Awesome truly awesome.

yer seen that b4 heres more info on it

Looks great. It’d be very sci-fi on a sports-bike. I haven’t got sound here, so don’t know what they said, if anything about efficiency and performance compared to hubs.

Where’s his helmet :frowning:

Looks mad :wink:

Wouldn’t wanna go over a london pot hole on that bastard! Still a decent bit of engineering.

Is certainly very different ! Would a stoppie work ??

that really is old news also there is a bit of a spat who come up with the idea first the bloke shown or billy lane, think prob about 3/4 yrs ago.

was featured in BSH and has been on telly with the biker build off lark.

Was funny when they pitted billy lane against amen motorcyles, wotn a clash, amen are as you may guessed a bunch of bible basher and billy lane is not, well he wasnt then, he’s changed a lot since he killed a biker.

Ogle at leisure

so far i think billy lane has done 5 hubless rear wheeled bikes.

Nice shoes:)