Bike week gets F factor
The 2006 National Motorcycle Week takes place on July 16-23, 2006, with the slogan ‘Have you got the F factor’. Apparently the F stands for fun, freedom, flexibility and friendship.
Ride to Work day will take place on July 19, 2006, for all riders to encourage their non-riding mates and colleagues to try two wheels and demonstrate how it reduces congestion and stress.

If you are interested in organising an event, you can get a free organisers pack and poster by visiting the Motor Cycle Industry Association website.
And if you can come up with some other suggestions for bike-related F words, follow the related topics link… The best suggestion will win a Dunlop cap, but please keep the suggestions clean!


Free cakes for all riders
Infinity motorcycles are marking Ride to Work day by offering all motorcyclist FREE tea and cakes between 2pm and 6pm.
Customers can take part in a charity raffle and special deals will be announced for all riders who drop in, too - and there’s a goody bag for all. You’ll find more details on their website

The ride to work day is a great inniciative! I ride everyday anyway but if you don’t, please do so on that day.

Thanks for share that Michael

It’s a very good idea, and one we support! Here’s a few links from LB already: