Bike Wash

He has it serviced very regularly, high miler!

Failing that, it does get a bath every now and again, I have witnessed the event.

It does get treated to a wash at other times too Not sure I’ll get the chance before tomorrow night tho…

As we now have a “hose pipe ban” I got one of those large pump type plant sprayers. So, I can now do my normal routine of:

Muck Off (agitate over the really bad crap)
Rinse (with new spray device)
Car shampoo with sponge
Dry with towels
Polish paintwork
Use car interiot cleaner on the plastics and stuff

Takes less than an hour now (OK, if I give it a good polish maybe 90 minutes)

Oh and Jay, in case nobody’s told you… Don’t use washing up liquid


I just buy a new bike when mine gets dirty, doesn’t everyone?