Bike Wash

ok, now after going to the boxhill to brighton ride out which was a blast “literally”, my bike is absoloutely filthy, something we have in common!.

But now that i’ve moved to a flat and i dont have a back garden or the sponge, bucket etc…to give my baby a good seeing to, and was just wondering what you guys do who dont have the space or equiptment to wash your bikes?

is there a bike wash?, or do car wash places also clean bikes?..

would be nice to hear what everyone does.


£3 should do it, a bucket, some rags and some fairy washing up liquid. Does me fine. If you’re splashing out (geddit?) get a chamoix and some polish. Personally I wouldn’t take my bike anywhere to be cleaned, I don’t trust anyone but myself to touch my bike! Even then it can be hit or miss whether it gets damaged, heh.

I know a biker who cleans motorcycles for a living and comes to you, for about £30 you get a pukka job… and chain is lubed

Fairy washing up liquid is SO BAD for your motorcycle!!!

theres a bike valet place in kings cross.
I.E sale prep maily i think but you can get just a clean.

Its costly… if your selling it may be worth it (strip and clean)

Im with jay… i dont trust anyone with my bike!

I jet wash if its REALY muddy but dont put that jet nozle to close… (strips decals and can knacker bearings bla bla…)

I just use a bucket, ecover cleaner, jay cloths, 2 quid lil alloy wheel brush from halfords to get in those hard to reach places and errmm old socks, put um over your hand and they will go anywhere your fingers will, magic.

i do use warter soluble degeaser to get grub of wheels stuck to excess lube.
I must say silicone spray rules!!
oww yeah and latex gloves!! ummmm latex…
I do it on the street outside my house.

Do NOT use fairy washing up liquid!!! Use a car wash/bike wash solution…why???

The chemicals in the fairy liquid over time have shown to increase the speed of rust formation.

Anyone here want their Bike washing…I,ll do it for 30 Quid !!!..Lube the Chain and change the Oil !

Do what I do; Leave it out in the rain

LoL way to go

My Vietnamese slaves make a fine job of mine and only cost me £20 a year! Result.

I live in a ground floor flat and just wash it outside in the communal parking area, no one seems to mind. Autoglym stuff works well and doesn’t smear.

Just use the usual, mild car soap, sponge brushes etc, then a good polish, do it outside my house on the path. Jay DON’T USE WASHING UP LIQUID MATE as said it will fuck up the finish of your bike eventualy.

seeing as i instigated this thread, i am entitled to 50% any profits made from this bike washing venture you guys are thinking about starting…

ok, well i took it to the jet wash thingy, and its absolutely spotless and it only cost me a jacks. didnt put the nozzle too close to the bike and it looks as new as the day i bought it…“second hand”. but its not something i wanna keep on doing, will have to find an alternative method.


Yeah maybe you could wrap it in cling film before a ride…

Yep… A bucket and lots of hot soapy water… Or see if there is a tap that the fire brigade use! I even went as far to go and buy a 40 foot hose, so that I could put it out of the kitchen window and then found the fire tap!!!

I take mine to the hand car wash opposite the Shell Garage on South Ealing Road. Was a bit nervous the first time but the lads do a pretty good job. £5 for just a wash & leather dry or they’ll wax it for a tenner. Personally I go for the simple wash and then wax it myself.

Had my bike service at Daytona and they sent it to be cleaned (I work long hours in a new company so cant do it myself-----actually I am just a lazy fat slob and couldnt be bothered). It did come back looking like new, all that winter salt fur had gone!!

DONT use fairy liquid. Best thing to do is, buy the proper motorbike cleaning products and go to a jet wash place and do your scrubbing and wash it off BUT be carfefull about where you spray it on.

Did you ask Daytona to wash it or did they do it as part of the service? Mine’s going in with them in a couple of weeks.

Oops, have quoted the wrong post! Obviously this question is targeted at Londondrz

Garden sprayer (those things you fill with water, then pump up)

Mine always comes back looking spanking from my local friendly Honda dealer aprés service.

Failing that, Hein gericke do some stuff in a a blue drum (name of the product escapes me) but it’s similar to Muc-off and it works v well, plus it’s quite cheap