Bike wanted ..

Project yamaha is completed … It is as I want it … Now I need my next project .

So once again I am looking for a bike, prefer old twins but not super fussy about that . Older the better with plenty scruffyness nonrunners tesco bag specials …Italians, septics ,japs, british 1 -1,000,000 cc anything and everything considered .

Depending on what happens with insurance, I will have a Honda NTV 650 for sale that will need repairing after accident, engine is all fine, just cosmetic damage…

My mate has a CBR 400… Needs cosmetics done and a new exhaust. Mechanics are fine. Tax’d and MOT’d for another 9 months. Recently had 2 new bridgestones, brake pads and wheel bearings. Don’t know if thats up your street.

Got a Zephyr 750 C1 you can have, runs good, has Renthal bars, stainless steel downpipes, a 4-2-1 system…only rocker cover gasket started leaking:doze:

The honda cbr 400 I do have a germ of an idea for one of those but I am having trouble finding the frame I would need .

The NTV ticks good boxes … first shaft drive project … its a twin …Lacks wheel choices but I think I could just about live with that … spare engine already under my workbench :ermm: .

The frame is cool. I mean the fairings. It has those tyga race fairings on it that need a lot of prep work (fiberglassing and smoothing) and a respray.

I dont really use fairings …I think a bikini is fully dressed :smiley:

suzuki ts50 XD

Thats one of the newer looking ones innit ? I liked the old ones the ones with the nonsense I aint so keen on .


this is my one haha

I just cant get on with that setup . . I cant see a potential . For small stuff an old autocycle would intererst me more or possibly a top tubed ped .

I see the sheep have all run away :hehe:

no fair, I called first dibs on that! :crying:

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

No need for fights … Its looking like we have a winner :wink: