Bike Vandalism

Turned up on Monday for work and at the bay I always park noticed a courier bike parked there:

here is a closeup!!!

who is stupid enough to do that to someones bike? especialy since couriers are usualy in and out quickly I cant see how someone got that pissed in 5 mins?

Whoever did that is a ****!

what a flippin arsehole.

what a prat whoever did that, totaly uncalled for. :angry:

lets hope it’s a Nobo board marker:cool:

What’s the bit on the seat say? Ready?

Whatever sort of marker it is it will T-Cut off. I have had permanant marker used to “tag” my car and it came off very easily as the markers are just ink and have no “finish”.


I’ve always wanted to do that especially if I had found the person that dented the tank on my old SV. I park in a multi story now with fenced off bike area. The people there tend to be more civilised.

I find the close parkers tend to be scooter riders particular Vepsas. They moan that they are not part of the community but how can they be when they park so close you can’t even get to your bike let alone manouvre it off the side stand.

Seems odd that: either the sort of bike you buy affects how well you park, or all the bad parkers buy the same sort of bike.

Just my 2ps worth, but do you think that people are close to you because you’re using your side stand (which, for most bikes, has the effect of making them take up 1.5 bikes’ space. It’s no wonder that people then have to get in close to you.)? Just a thought…

Now can we stop all this bloody scooter bashing, please.

For a start a lot of bikes ONLY have a side stand (neither of mine have centre stands) so there isn’t a choice in the matter.

As to your analogy it’d be like you coming back to your scooter to find you can’t get it out as a bike is leant over yours as it’s on a side stand.

In general scooter riders tend to be commuters and not much else which I’ve found means the majority of them do not care if their bike gets scratched up, nor do they care if they scratch someones bike up. (Note I didn’t say all, but unfortunately it seems to be the way it is).

There are considerate scooter riders, I’ve come across a few when commuting, but most don’t seem to be at all.

As an analogy it seems to be scooter riders are put in with the scooter commuters in the same way a lot of drivers just see bikers and couriers as the same suicidal ones.

Come on, give Benelli a break! Not all scooter riders are arses and not all motorbike riders are saints. I am now both (scooter and motorbike rider rather than arse saint) and it doesn’t change how I park- always with care not to scratch anyone elses machine- however bashed up it is. Posted today that I’ve had no scuffs in London and I think it’s Karma- be nice and others will be nice back- if you’re lucky.:rolleyes:

how did this thread become “antiscooter” i dont know…

I know, after all it was only a Honda:D:D:D

Wyvern971 (13/12/2007)

I understand that. But I’m still amazed at how many bikes that DO have a centre stand don’t use it when parking in a bike bay. Even if they’ve got no consideration for anyone else, why would you want to park on the (useless) sidestand and risk your bike being knocked over?

Wyvern971 (13/12/2007)

Exactly. This has happened to me plenty of times. Much as I really don’t like to touch anyone else’s bike, in those situations I have to take the POV that I’m being invited to move it (and so I do it as carefully as possible)

Wyvern971 (13/12/2007)

Based on what evidence? Most of the scooter riders I know use their scoots both to commute and also to tour/do rideouts/etc. Saying “most scooter riders are commuters” is like saying “most bikers actually drive a car for the majority of their time, and generally put their bikes in a garage for the winter, then come out in around March and get all arsey about the fact that the scooterists who’ve been riding all year round are wanting to use the bike parking bays”, and that would of course be grossly unfair and inaccurate:P

NOW can we stop all this senseless scooter-bashing please?

noooooo now its gonna be an anti-honda thread… :ermm: :blink: :smiley: