Bike Valet - Mo-Clean recommendations ?

Given the rubbish weather and road gritting :slight_smile: I’m thinking of cheating now and again and having my RR valeted. I’ve read a few reviews/praises of Mo-Clean from early this year. I was just wondering if anyone had used them recently and could recommend them ? The only part from their website which concerned me was the ‘pressure wash’ and that they appear to put the bike on a lift but if they know what they are doing I’m sure it isn’t really an issue.

Are there any other mobile valeters for bikes in London that are recommended ?

i used them to clean my 2000 cbr the day i sold it did a pretty good job. they didn’t have a lift though??? just did it on the street outside my place only took 30 minutes or so.

I’ve used him a couple of times. No lift, has paddock stands etc. in his van. Uses a pressure washer but knows not to turn it up to 11 ! A very good job, but pricy!

Hein Gericke on the A12 Gants Hill have a valetting comapny in the store every Saturday ? - I will use them soon, bu not used them before ?

Try I believe Leggy Pete had his bike cleaned by them when they were at Box Hill launching themselves earlier this year.

I didn’t know you could get a bike valet service.

what does it cost (roughly?)

Mo clean was £35 for normal and £50 for super-duper clean. Add £8 if you’re inside the c-charge zone.

Think the one at HG was only £20

can u get c charge for a bike in london?i thought bikes didnt get charged

i think he meant he charges you an extra 8 quid for bringin his van into the cg zone :wink:

i want sum 1 to clean me gixer its well dirty :smiley:


Oh ark at you lot, valeting? just get a bucket and some turtle wax and do it yaself! much more satisfying!:smiley: and bloody cheaper too!

yes I agree but what is the issue with pressure washing your bike…I was always under the impression that its was a real no no…so I just spray mine and give her a quick wipe down if she is really grimy…I have seen jet washes remove paint and all sorts of things…whats the concensus on here…

I’ve only used a jet wash on my son’s crossers but never on my own bikes. A hose is usually more than enough.

Yep, hose for me too. Anything more powerful than rain stays away from my bearing grease and leccy connections :wink:

What is wrong with cleaning it yourself? Get HG bike gel, spray it all over bike, leave for ten minutes and wash off. Once that is done, spray FS365 and your bike will look all nice and shiny.

I have heard that MR Muscle oven cleaner is a rather good cleaner. Cleans your bike OK, just makes it smell like an oven.

Well said Kemps - you should all be ashamed of yourselves!:stuck_out_tongue:

Been jet-washing my bikes for 20 years with no problems. Old wives tale!

Most car wash places will do same job as kings x mob for £5.

Holy cow! Mo-Clean have just cleaned my GS and I reckon he’s replaced it with a different bike. I paid for the 70 quid wash and considering it’s done 65k and been washed about 10 times in it’s 6 year life, it’s superb. Excellent excellent job. The best money I’ve spent on a bike for a long time. Couldn’t recommend him more.