bike V skoda

had prang with one of those new skodas on the Green man roundabout, I’m not hurt and the bikes not damaged, but thought id let you know cos theres bl**dy cake all over the road.

hahaha like it!!

Oh blimey you been eatin those red smarties again!!!

Hmm, ur too late mate, same joke was in the “sun” today…go on, u read it as well didnt ya

"Had a terrible day yesterday. Test drove one of those new Skodas and crashed it. Awful mess…there was cake everywhere "


Old joke.

I took one of thosenew Skoda’s for a test drive but found the suspension really spongy…

And the insides kinda jammy !

It’s only old if you’ve heard it before.

I don’t read the Sun (what’s it named after anyhow?) so this was the first time I’d heard the joke and it was bluddy funny.