bike under 500 quid

need a bike thats either restricted or less than 33bhp
needs tax and mot or just very cheap
as 500 is for everything except insurance :stuck_out_tongue:
been looking for months no luck yet

I have a old push bike yours for £499.99 fell off the back of a lorry (er literally)

CG125 1997 drum brake model, very reliable always starts first time from kick start. Lockable top box Tax and MOT yours for £499 :slight_smile: Very comfy ride.I own the bike but it is my sons daily comuter, he just wants a moped. Drop me a PM if youre interested.

i wanted somthing bigger than a 125 as thats what i got now ,
but anyway bought one yesterday :slight_smile:
getting it tomorow yays

and its not pink!

nice looking bike :slight_smile:


ooo nice, have fun :D… i think we found a zxr400 in red for my lil bro today aswell, gna go look at it this week sometime :slight_smile:

Well done, thats much better than my CG125 lol:D

thnx guys and the pink bits are just light red dan! …

cool :slight_smile:

haha if only the offer was a year ago then it would of been exactly what a wanted
i got the chinese version instead in the end:P

OK THEN:rolleyes:

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

Looks like a right result under £500. I’ll keep my eye out for you and will say hello.
Enjoy her.

jeez, bargain! jealous

Looks like its pink to me :smiley: Are you gonna paint it? You could use and airbrush on it - its kinda like tattooing? :smiley:

lol in truth it has got pink bits on it eek!
but the paints in such good condition at the mo i dont wanna paint it
maybe after i accidentally scruff it up a little :stuck_out_tongue:

got it for 595 but it had cheaper insurance than the others i was looking at so it all worked out :stuck_out_tongue:
off a dealer aswell , which i wasnt even looking at because i thought itd be way too pricey

Tis a good price and no mistake. Those fairings are crying out for a bit of creative intervention! What about making up some stickers? Possibly promoting your band? I know a place in Bromley that make up Vinyl adhesive ones for not a great deal of cash. :slight_smile:

how about a carby sv650 or a bros - with a restrictor kit fitted…