Bike TV Programs

I’m going to be producing some bike related TV stuff, in everyone’s opinion what would make a good program. I thinking: a good riding tutorial including bike setup, new & second hand bikes review, behind the scenes race stuff/in the pits…
These programs need to have longevity so no race results or weekly news stuff which will quickly date.

Any thoughts?

I think a good mixture of stuff that would keep a novice (like me!!) happy as well as your hardened ‘been riding for years’ folks.

Some good DIY nuts and bolts type of stuff/tutorial maybe ??


How about a small segment each week where you follow the average Biker to and from work or something and try to bring awareness at what they have to contend with on the road…a sort of “Riders Eye View”.

Imagine all the near misses, The cyclists weaving about, Lorrys cutting you up, Cagers to busy on the phone to see anything and the Cab Drivers doing what ever they want when they want plus the abuse from all angles.

I for one will be interested in watching your work and good luck.

How about some coverage of the rally scene and also some of the charity runs and other work carried out by bikers that never gets reported.

And if it’s not too late, you could cover things like the “Kill Spills” rally at the Ace Cafe next weekend.

Anything without that knobhead steve berry or without his voice should do ok!

i wouldnt like to follow me on my way to work…

you could have a funny sketch in it every week…

like biker 4 life or something.

some guy that is always banging on about bikes to anyone that will lisen like some onld lady on a bus and never takes his helmet or leathers off.

or turning up at a dance club in his kit, when that door staff tell him he cant come in like that he can say “oy im a biker for life, i need fellow brothers to Recognize me” then he can say “wait” and put on his hi viz…

ermm i dont know where the heeelll im going with this…

best tents for bikers camping…bed rolls etc…best rallies…best facilities whilst at rally

Hells Angels…where are they now?

Blood Runners…Emergency Voluntary Service

Paramedics on bikes

Tea Huts…where r they??

Ban U turns !

Allow bikes in Bus lanes

this should keep you busy…want any more???


Then we need to talk about a project that is getting off the ground called 2WheelsTV ( will be totally online at - but there is nothing there yet )…

Time for a coffee me thinks !

All the above liberally interspersed with gratuitous shots of scantilly clad curvy biker babes please