bike tuning, dyno rolling road,turbo convertions etc

hi guys to all we are based in maidenhead we a small firm that specialise in turbo convertions,for street stock bikes and drag bikes,

we have a rolling road full servicing facilities.

we currently are running a hyabusa running 15 psi at 386bhp doing 8/9 sec quarter mile.

so if you fancy putting you bike on the road and making it radical to ride, we offer a competitive rate,and no one will beat us for price on parts— so give me a call and well sort out all you problems, no bike to small, no job to big,

at the moment were develpoing a blade running a merc atego turbo system,

call steve on 07966389617/ 07742714970

thanks for looking and ride safe!!

so just in case my brain is messing me about again, to clarify; you are using a turbo from an 18t truck designed to aspirate a 5 litre engine, to blow a 1.3 busa ? how can that possibly be a good idea. do u need a trailer to put it on?,

mebe more to the point, how much to turbo a b12 or old gixer, u kno just to give us london biker folks an idea of £ per hp . do you custom make headers and plenums? or u have a source of easily modded patterns ,mebe i should visit, mebe if u give us some ideas more people would.

Sounds interesting, perhaps you should post up some photos and videos of this stuff… Welcome to LB by the way…

Welcome to LB henas, do you have a website I would like to bring an R1 down and find out what her bhp/ top speed is etc.

thanks for the welcome guy to LB cheers

first of all the atego turbo is off an 8.15 and its on a blade (fox eye)

the busa is a garret turbo and using 10psi its pushing 384 bhp charts to proove and doing 8,9 secs in fact its running at the pod thisweek end and the owner is a guy called allen young if you want to look it up.

back to the blade the plenim chamber and the headers are all hand made for this peticular bike using bmw injectors and mapping system, the blade was featured in 1993 in the fast bike issue using a renault 5 turbo but they couldn’t get it to run properly, purly because the injector housing was made at the wrong angle cause it to runn uneven at low revs but we have modified with a atego variable vain turbo which causes less lag and is 2 stage,we do have a engineer who makes forge pistons for cosworth and other f1 and exotic supercars etc who will make us anything to speck.

we work on £35.00 per hour for you guy’s that think we’re not competitive and we can import from mr turbo full convertion kits or velocity racing which are all in the states but we are trying to keep it british? buy doing inhouse convertions made by people in the uk?

as i stated you can call me steve on tel number for all questions on 07742714970 or email me at [email protected]

my r1 is next for the convertion? we even have done away with the fuel tank and have made our own which is tried and tested and running on 3 drag bikes up the pod cheers guy’s steve

ps web site to come soon

here is some picts of our rolling road, the blade were developing and our busa from santa pod from last sunday???


_Picture 019.jpg

_Picture 018.jpg

Picture 036.jpg

too all LB’S we have now a land line if you call 01628 510011 let us know where you saw the number and well sort you guys ouy % discount? cheers guys