Bike trousers

I’ve been looking for a pair of goretex, textile bike trousers with a removable liner that I can wear all year round and after trying on at least half a dozen pairs from different manufacturers I could not find anything that fits. I know that, at 5ft6, I certainly cannot be described a towering giant but I’m not a dwarf either.

32" or 34" waist fits me fine but trouser leg is always 2-3" too long and more worryingly the knee protection is down at my shins…

Any suggestions? Does anyone make good make-to-measure waterproof stuff?

Have you tried hein gericke? Pretty sure they do them in a short leg (or they used to last time I bought some) The knee armour on mine is also low when standing around but it rides back up when on the bike and my legs are bent.

Rev’it do short and long trousers.

Got the Defender GTX myself and they are blooming good bit of kit

Harpers out in Leigh on Sea are your best bet if you fancy looking at the Rev’it gear 1149 London Road, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 3JE

I’m really not taking the p!ss here, but have you tried a pair of ladies trousers? So long as they’re not the ones with pink [email protected] and flowers all over them no one will know.

I have the same problem, short legs …

Got my textiles and kevlar jeans from JTS, they do legs in short 29" and extra short 27"


And they’re not too far up the A5 and open on Sundays too, makes for a nice ish ride out :wink:

Cheers guys…will keep looking…